Where Does The Prime Minister Of Denmark Live?

Entrance to Marienborg. Editorial credit: Douwmamaria / Shutterstock.com.
Entrance to Marienborg. Editorial credit: Douwmamaria / Shutterstock.com.

The office of the prime minister in Denmark was established under the constitutional monarchy in 1848 and was signed into the country's constitution on June 5th, 1849. The new constitution established a parliamentary system of government in Denmark and created a bicameral parliament. Wilhelm Moltke was the country's first council president who assumed office on March 22nd, 1848.


Marienborg is the official residence of the prime minister of Denmark. It was used for the first time as the prime minister's residence in 1962. Currently, it also serves the place where the government holds conferences, summit and other official meetings which include the New Year speech by the prime minister. Marienborg unlike other residences of heads of government in other countries like the White House does not act as the government headquarters or hold the prime minister's office, and instead, government departments have their headquarters in the Christiansborg Palace. Marienborg is located 9.3 miles north of Copenhagen the country's capital city in north Zealand and it is on the shore of Lake Lyngby.


The building was constructed in 1745 as private property, and in 1795 it was named after the wife of the owner at the time Marie Linderncrone. The northern part of Copenhagen in the 18th century was popular for its recreational activities, and several summer residences were constructed in the region. The Marienborg has been modified severally by the different owners over the years. After the last owner, CL David died in 1960, and his estate bequeathed Marienborg to the Danish state as a summer residence to the prime minister. In January 1962, the Danish government took over Marienborg.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is a government facility located on the Islets of Slotsholmen, in Copenhagen. The palace houses the office of the prime minister of Denmark as well as serving as the seat of the country's Parliament. The Danish Supreme Court is also located in the palace, and the monarch of Denmark uses different parts of the palace as well. Several other parts of the palace are used as the royal stables, royal chapel, and royal reception rooms. The palace serves all the three arms of government of Denmark which include the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. It is the only building in the world that accommodates all the three arms of the government.

Viggo Kampmann

Viggo Olfert Fischer Kampman was the first prime minister to occupy Marienborg, and he was also a descendant of the original owner. He served as the prime minister from February 16th, 1960 to September 3rd, 1962. Before he became the prime minister, he was the minister of finance, having been elected to the Parliament (Folketing) for the first time in 1953.


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