Where Does The President Of Argentina Live?

The Casa Rosada in Argentina.
The Casa Rosada in Argentina.

The president of Argentina is both the head of government and state. Each term is four years, and the president can serve for two consecutive terms, but unlike in other countries, a former president is eligible to run after staying out of office for at least one term.

The Casa Rosada doubles up as the Executive Mansion of the Government and the Office of the President. It also serves as the residence of the president although Quinta de Olivos is recognized as the Official Residence of the President of Argentina. 

The Casa Rosada

The Casa Rosada Palace is located on Balcarce Street in the capital city, Buenos Aires. It is a three-story building with a basement that serves as a government gallery. The original structure is made up of several slabs supported by brick ceilings and steel roof lines. It was initially constructed as the post office in 1873, but subsequent remodeling and modification turned it into a government building. The building is painted pink and is sometimes known as the Pink House.

The Quinta de Olivos

Brigadier Miguel de Azcuénaga built the original Quinta de Olivos in 1854. Upon his death his nephew, Carlos Villate inherited the property and declared in his will that upon his death the property should be donated to the government of Argentina for use as the official summer residence of the president. He died in 1913, and President Hipólito Yrigoyen designated the building the official residence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 1940, Villate's heirs sued the government for violating the will by not converting the property to the official summer residence of the president. After much deliberation, the family and the state concluded that the property would be turned into one of the president's official residences after renovation. It currently serves as the private residence of the president.


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