What Is The State Flower Of New Jersey?

The violet blossoms throughout the state of New Jersey.
The violet blossoms throughout the state of New Jersey.

The US state of New Jersey is located in the country’s northeastern region. The peninsula state was the third state to be admitted to the union after its admittance back on December 18, 1787. Like all the other states, New Jersey has a number of state symbols including the state flower. The official flower of the state of New Jersey is the Viola sororia, which is also known as the common blue violet.

About the Viola Sororia


The common meadow violet has five petals that have a color ranging from blue to purple, and in some cases white. In addition, the petals have dark veins that move from the flower blossom’s throat. The leaves of the flower are green and only grow at the base. 


This flower, as the name suggests, is the most common among the species of violets. In the spring, the beautiful flower blooms all across lawns and fields in the state. This flower has a unique characteristic after its flowers have blossomed. Unlike other flowers, it usually blooms a second time and produces a second set of flowers. The second bloom produces smaller closed flowers that resemble buds in appearance. The smaller flowers are responsible for producing the seeds.


In addition to all this beauty, the flower is edible, which is why cooks and bakers usually use it as part of the ingredients of things like candy or to decorate cakes. In other cases, the flower can be added as part of a salad since it is rich in vitamins A and C. In the past, the Cherokee people used it for medicinal purposes for treating coughs, constipation, and sore throats.


The herbaceous plant is native to North America’s eastern region in places such as preserves, roadsides, and damp woods. In New Jersey, its range extends from the northern side in places like Paterson all the way to the way south in Atlantic City. In addition, it also flowers freely in Jersey City and Newark where it grows as a weed in the suburbs. Where they grow, some animals are bound to exist, especially the fritillary butterflies. This plant serves as food for the butterflies as well as other animals including the mourning dove, deer, rabbits, livestock, the white-footed mouse, and the bobwhite.

History of the Violet as the New Jersey State Flower

The state of New Jersey chose the violet as the official state flower back in 1913 although the power of the resolution ended the following year after the beginning of the legislative session. The violet had to be reinstated again as the state flower in 1971 following action by New Jersey garden clubs. Aside from New Jersey, the states of Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Illinois all have the violet as their official state flower.


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