What Is The Ethnic Composition Of Colorado?

The city of Denver, Colorado.
The city of Denver, Colorado.

The US state of Colorado is located in the southern side of the Rocky Mountains. In terms of population, the state had an estimated 2016 population of about 5,540,545 people, which makes it the 21st most populous state in the US. Compared to the census of 2010, the population had increased by around 10.17%. Denver, which is also the capital, is the most populated city of the state. 

Data from 2016 shows that 3,796,733 people in Colorado are white, which translates to about 68% of the entire population. The second largest ethnic group is Hispanic at 1,181,218 people (about 21%). The black population of Colorado is 220,728, or around 4% of the state's population.

Some of the biggest ancestry groups in Colorado include Germans, Austrian, Swiss, Mexican, Irish, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more. 

Languages in Colorado

While English is the most spoken language in Colorado, Spanish comes in second place. There is only one Native American language that is spoken in Colorado, called Colorado River Numic. 

Religion in Colorado 

The majority of the population of Colorado is protestant Christian, representing around 44% of the population. Other sizeable religions include Roman Catholic, Mormon, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist. A growing number of people living in Colorado do not affiliate with any religion. They represent nearly one-third of the entire population. 


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