What Is the Capital of Wales?

The skyline of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.
The skyline of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

Wales forms part of the UK and the island of Great Britain, and its capital city is Cardiff. To the east, it is bordered by England, to the north and west is the Irish Sea, and the British Channel to the South. Cardiff is the 11th largest city in the UK and the largest city in Wales. The city is the largest commercial center in Wales and is the base for the most sporting and cultural institutions. The city covers an area of 8,023 square miles, and in 2011, its population was 3,063,456 with the unitary authority area having a population of 346,100 people. In 2011, the population of the metropolitan area of Cardiff was a third of the total population of Wales having a population of about 1.1 million people.The city of Cardiff is a major tourist center and receives visitors from around the world. The city received 18.3 million visitors in 2010. National Geographic ranked Cardiff as the world’s 6th alternative tourist destination.

History Of The Capital Of Wales

Areas near and around Cardiff shows that there was a human settlement as early as 6000 years ago. Cardiff was part of the territory of the Celtic British tribe known as Silures until the Romans conquered Britain. By the middle ages, Cardiff had flourished and had a population of between 1500-2000 people. Moving forward to the 20th century the city of Cardiff was given a city status in 1905 by King Edward II and officially became the capital city of Wales on December 20, 1955.

Geography Of The Capital City Of Wales

Cardiff is flat at the center, and its sides are bound by hills. As a city, it is built on marshland and Triassic stones. This type of landscape is usually shallow and low lying thus explaining Cardiff’s center flatness. To the northern part, Cardiff is bordered by the South Wales Valley to the East it borders the city of Newport, to the South by the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel.

Economy Of Cardiff

Cardiff city contributes immensely to the economy of Wales, and industry has played a significant role in its development. The demand for coal catalyzed its growth from a small town to a major city. Presently, the city of Cardiff is the primary business and finance center in Wales. Its growth has been attributed to its strong representation in finance and business services. Tourism plays a significant role in its economy and Cardiff is one the famous tourist destination cities in the UK. Cardiff has a large media industry employing close to 6,000 people with a turnover estimated to be 350 million pounds. It also has a large retailer center with its shopping portfolio decked in the city center. It has an efficient transport system in rail, road, air, and water.

Government Of The Capital Of Wales

Cardiff has been managed by the City and County Council of Cardiff since 1996, which is run from the County Hall in Atlantic Wharf. The National assembly sits at Cardiff Bay after it was formed in 1999. After the 2012 elections, the Labour party won the majority seats in the county council. In the local government, Cardiff is divided into communities. Some are under their own councils, while some are governed by the Cardiff City Council.


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