What Is the Capital of Saskatchewan?

The skyline of Regina, Saskatchewan.
The skyline of Regina, Saskatchewan.

The capital of Saskatchewan is the city of the Regina.

Where is Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is located in western Canada. Unlike most provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan is landlocked, which gives it a modified continental climate. Latest demographic survey carried out in the province estimates the total population to be 1,114,170. Its neighboring provinces include Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Manitoba, as well as the US states of Montana and North Dakota.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the second largest city in Saskatchewan after Saskatoon. This city was initially called Wascana which meant bones of a buffalo but was renamed later to Regina to honor the then Queen Victoria, a decision that was implemented by the queen’s daughter. The city was granted capital status in the year 1906. Among the major challenges that have made the capital progress include the cyclone which occurred in the year 1912 as well as the great city riot of 1930. The infamous drought of the 1930 together with the great depression brought the economic progress of the city to a minimum low. The capital's population is 236,481.


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