What Is the Capital of Illinois?

The state capital of Springfield, Illinois.

The US state of Illinois is found in the Midwestern region of the US. It occupies an area of 57,900 square miles. Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the country, with a population of more than 12.5 million residents. The state’s capital is in the city of Springfield. Before Springfield was declared the capital of Illinois, two other cities served as the capitals of the US state.

History Of The Capital of Illinois

Kaskaskia was Illinois’s first state capital. The city of Kaskaskia remained as the capital of Illinois from 1809 to 1819. Due to frequent flooding in Kaskaskia, the capital of Illinois was moved from Kaskaskia to Vandalia in 1819. The city of Vandalia was hastily built to accommodate the newly established capital. Vandalia served as the capital of Illinois until 1839 when a general meeting of the city officials agreed to move the capital to Springfield. The Capital of Illinois has remained in Springfield ever since. The city of Springfield was initially known as Calhoun after the famous Senator John Calhoun of South Carolina. The city was picked as the center of administration of Sangamon County in 1821. Springfield is found on the shores of Sangamon River. It accommodates government offices belonging to the state of Illinois. The Mayor of Springfield governs the city with the help of Council members. The city is home to slightly over 116,000 residents.

Springfield’s Cityscape

The city of Springfield was established on a well-planned grid system. The streets are numbered from 1st street to 32nd street. The 1st street leads to the State Capitol of Illinois while the 32nd street is situated on the Eastern end of the city. Initially, Springfield had four main streets that formed the boundaries of the city name; East Grand Avenue, West Grand Avenue, North Grand Avenue, and South Grand Avenue. After an expansion project in the city, the streets were renamed and given names of popular US Presidents and famous people from Springfield. Lincoln’s tomb is found on Monument Avenue, and the Lincoln Park is located a few yards from the tomb. The city is comprised of twenty independent neighborhoods and surrounding suburban villages. The suburban villages are independently run by their municipal governments.

Economy Of The Capital of Illinois

Agriculture is a significant economic activity in Springfield. The most commonly reared livestock include cattle and chicken. The livestock produces milk and eggs for Illinois’s food industry. The city also has abundant forest cover that provides raw materials for the timber industry. Springfield has a wealth of natural resources like lime, zinc, coal, marble, and lead that are extracted and utilized in different industries. Lastly, the city is a financial and retail center where the majority of residents work and earns a decent income.

Cultural Significance Of Springfield

The capital city of Illinois is home to some of the greatest authors including Abraham Lincoln, William Maxwell, Benjamin Thomas, and John Hay. The city is a haven for performing arts with numerous theatres such as the Springfield Theatre Centre, the Legacy Theatre, the Springfield Municipal opera, and the Sangamon Auditorium. The city also celebrates annual festivals that showcase film and artwork from the region. Popular foods such as corn dog and the horse shoe sandwich are believed to have originated in Springfield.


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