Biggest Cities In Illinois

Chicago, the biggest city in Illinois, is an important financial, educational, and administrative hub in the state.

Illinois is located in the Midwestern parts of the US. Its capital is Springfield while Chicago is its largest city. The official language is English. On average, households have an income of $54,124 USD. Illinois boasts of mineral deposits such as coal and petroleum, and the production of energy from the wind and nuclear power. 

Biggest Cities In Illinois


Chicago is the most populated city in Illinois and ranks third in the entire country with an estimated population of 2,720,546. Chicago is commonly nicknamed “the Windy City”, and is known for its sports teams, architecture, and midwestern culture as well as being the site of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. 


Aurora, ranking second among the biggest cities in Illinois, occupies an area of 45.80 square miles and with a population density of 4,404 persons per square mile. It is a production city with huge manufacturing firms setting up plants in the area.


Rockford is found in the north central parts of Illinois and is made up of four counties. The population of the city is estimated at 420,215 people. The cost of housing in Rockford is lower than the national mean cost by 23% with the mean rent cost being $671 USD. The average number of people living in a household is 2.4 people which are 10% lower than the national average rate.

Biggest Cities In Illinois

1Chicago 2,695,598
2Aurora 197,899
3Rockford 152,871
4Joliet 147,433
5Naperville 141,853
6Springfield 116,250
7Peoria 115,007
8North Peoria113,004
9Elgin 108,188
10Waukegan 89,078

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