What Is the Capital of Ghana?

Independence Arch in Accra, Ghana.
Independence Arch in Accra, Ghana.

Ghana is a West African nation that is bordered by Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and Togo. The country also has coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea in the south. Ghana occupies an area of 238,535 square km and had a population of 27,043,093 in 2014.

What Is the Capital of Ghana and Where Is it Located?

Accra is the capital city of Ghana. The city has an area of 173 square km and had an estimated population of 2.27 million in 2012, which makes it the country’s most populous city. Accra is located along the Atlantic coast, with inland extensions towards the north. The center of the city is compact and based around the historical colonial forts, while the rest of the city sprawls out in all directions. The western borders of the city are formed by the intersection of the Mallam junction and the Lafa stream. Nautical College is located at the eastern edge of the city, and the University of Ghana’s Great Hall borders the city to the north. The Gulf of Guinea is located to the south of Accra. The city experiences a tropical savanna climate.

History of the Capital City of Ghana

Three different settlements once once existed where the bustling city of Accra is presently located: Osu, Jamestown, and Ushertown. The city of Accra grew around these settlements. From 1877 until 1957, Accra was the British Gold Coast’s capital. The city’s architectural landscape is reflected by this history, as it contains both 19th century buildings and modern skyscrapers. In 1908, the Accra-Kumasi railway was built, which was significant since it connected the port city to the inland cocoa-producing areas. During the colonial period, Accra’s residential areas were racially segregated. During the governorship of Guggisberg, Accra experienced important changes and was rapidly developed. When the country gained independence in 1957, Accra’s role as a capital continued, and it thus became the capital city of the newly independent nation of Ghana.

Current Role of the Capital of Ghana

As the capital city, Accra contains many of the country's important government buildings, including the Parliament House of Ghana. The building was designed by the country’s first president. Official residences of Ghana’s government officials, ministries, and other government departments are located in Accra. The city is also a hub for finance, insurance, education, marketing, and manufacturing. Urban agriculture, fisheries, and other primary sector opportunities provide jobs to about 91,556 people in the city. The largest employer is the tertiary sector, which employs around 531,670 workers, and the secondary sector accounts for about 22.34% of the workforce of Accra. The city is the hub of tourism in Ghana and has well-equipped modern tourist facilities.


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