What is the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights was proposed by James Madison.
The Bill of Rights was proposed by James Madison.

The Bill of Rights was proposed by James Madison in the United States on September 25, 1789, and was declared as a proper single unit constitution on December 15, 1791. Basically, the Bill of Rights is the amendments made to the US Constitution. These amendments made in the constitution were to make sure that all the citizens get their justified individual rights. Apart from that, the amendments stated that certain limitations be placed on the Federal and State sectors of the government.

Why Was the Bill of Rights Proposed?

These amendments were an answer to the propaganda aroused by some of the potential opponents of the Constitution who stated that that it would fail to protect the basic rights and freedom of the common man. This confusion began when the US Constitution was presented for the first time with certain changes in 1787 by George Mason at the Constitutional Convention. Due to this propaganda, every state’s delegate was confused whether to approve and support this new framework of the Constitution or not. Every delegate had different assumptions in their mind and many of them supported the idea that there should be certain clauses for the free practice of religion, freedom of speech, etc. In accordance with these demands, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, and others protested and demanded to make these amendments in the US Constitution framework. Every state had their own different demand, but together it lead to a point where the state government would have limited rules over citizens.

How Was the Bill of Rights Drafted?

After drawing various proposals, James Madison made this proposal along with other members of the House Committee. There were a total of nine amendments to the Constitution in an officially valid form. These nine amendments contained a total of nineteen different provisions in it. After drafting it, he was sure that at least two-thirds of the government would approve these amendments and the bill. The other House members added further points of amendments in it as well. So, when the Bill of Rights was presented and proposed, it consisted of twelve amendments in total. So, after a close analysis and approval of every state, ten points were made officially valid out of the twelve points in order to become a part of Constitution as the ‘Bill of Rights’.

What Does the Bill of Rights State?

The first eight points of amendments in the Bill of Rights were related to freedom and liberty. Similarly, the ninth point of the amendment in the Bill of Rights had an important factor relevant to the protected rights of the citizens of USA. The third point of the amendment in the Bill of Rights was actually a summary where it showed the importance of the national character of US Constitutional systems and how they work together for the rights of the people. It almost covered all of the said demands by different states like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of journalism.

What Were the Effects of the Bill of Rights?

The US Bill of Rights continues to play a vital role in the law enforcing structure of the US Government. On the whole, the Bill is meant that the rights of the citizens of USA are given due consideration.


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