What Continent Is Venezuela In?

Venezuela sits at the northern tip of the continent of South America.
Venezuela sits at the northern tip of the continent of South America.

The sovereign state of Venezuela is found in the South American continent in the northern coast. Its neighbors are Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, and the Dutch Islands on the west, east and north respectively. It has a population of about 31 million and a land area of nearly 916,400 square kilometers. Venezuela is rated the 7th wealthiest state in the world regarding biodiversity. The Andes mountains in the western part of the country, through the Amazon Basin rain-forest in the southern part, provide natural habitats for the high number of species.

Governance of Venezuela

The head of state and the government in Venezuela is the president. The citizens of Venezuela elect the president for a six-year term for an unlimited number of periods since 15th February 2009. The president involves the legislature when appointing the cabinet members. The Supreme Tribunal of Justice is the supreme court in the state of Venezuela, and the National Assembly elects the magistrates for one term of two years.

Venezuelan Economy

The economy of Venezuela is mixed, but the dominant sector is the petroleum industry which contributes more than half of the government’s revenue. The petrol in Venezuela has a low price in the world market due to the buyer charge which is subsidized. Apart from the petroleum industry, manufacturing industries such as steel industry, cement industry, and aluminum industry also generate the revenue to the government of Venezuela. Food shortages have been experienced in the state since Venezuela is not a self-sufficient state regarding food production.

Tourism to Venezuela

The tourism industry in Venezuela has been growing considerably due to the strategic position of the state. There are numerous landscapes, plenty of flora and fauna and the favorable tropical climate in the nation which attracts tourists to the country. The Island of Margarita is one of the high tourist attraction sites in Venezuela due to its current infrastructure and neighboring attractive beaches.

Venezuelan Infrastructure

Roads are the principal means of the transport system in Venezuela with a road length of about 100,000 kilometers. Water transport links the city of Ciudad Guayana to the Atlantic Ocean since river Orinoco is passable for a distance of 400 kilometers towards the land. The national railway system is inactive in the state of Venezuela. It has no railway connection to other countries.

Climate of Venezuela

Venezuela is situated within the tropics to the latitude of around 12 degrees north. The average yearly temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius and rainfall differs from 430mm to 1000mm. the rainfall is lower between November to April, the hot-humid and cold-dry seasons.

Environment of Venezuela

Venezuela is among the top 10 countries who are rich in biodiversity in the Earth but also leads in forest destruction because of political and economic factors. Almost 287,600 hectares of land covered by high vegetation is cleared every year and other parts are turned into oil extraction sites.


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