What Continent is Peru In?

Peru is located in South America.
Peru is located in South America.

Peru is a country in South America. Ecuador and Colombia border Peru to the north, while on the eastern side of Peru is Brazil and on the southern side is Chile. The Pacific Ocean is located on the western side of Peru. In 2015, the population of Peru was approximately 31.2 million. The country’s capital is Lima.

Geography of Peru

Peru covers an area of approximately 1,285,216 square kilometers. The Andes Mountains are the most dominant landmark in the country. The mountains run parallel to the coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean. Most of the rivers in the country have their sources in the Andes Mountains. The longest rivers in the country are the Uyacali, the Urubamba, the Mantaro, the Putumayo, and the Amazon Rivers. The highest peak of the country, Huascarán, is approximately 22,205 feet above the sea level. The largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca, is located in between Peru and Bolivia. The western coastal regions of Peru are mostly flat. The western coastal regions are mostly arid except for a few areas with valleys and seasonal rivers. The Selva region, which is mostly considered as the jungle region, is a wide area covered by the Amazon Rainforest that stretches to the eastern side of the region.


Peru experiences diverse climatic conditions. The extreme conditions are experienced due to the different topographies in the country. The western coastal regions of the country, which are low lying plains, experience hot and dry climate. The Andes region receives an ample amount of rainfall during the summer season. The temperatures of the Andes region decrease with increasing altitude, up to the highest peak of the mountain. The Peruvian Amazon region receives heavy rainfall on most of the months. However, the south region of the Amazon forest experiences extremely cold winters and seasonal rainfall.

Government of Peru

The government of Peru is set under a unitary system, whereby the central government is the supreme authority in the country. The politics takes place in the context of representative parliamentary democracy state with a multi-party system. The president, who is elected after every five years, serves as the head of state. The prime minister, who serves as the head of government in Peru, is appointed by the president. After his appointment, the prime minister is expected to form the government.

Peru Is In South America

Peru is located in the western region of South America. After gaining independence from Spain in 1824, Peru was recognized as a sovereign state in South America. It thereafter joined organizations that deal with issues concerning South American countries. Being a member of South American organizations, other than its geographical location in South America, is proof enough to the location of the country. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) is one of the South American Organization that Peru is a member. The UN recognizes Peru to be one of the 12 countries in South America. Furthermore, Peru hosts a number of notable South American sites such as the vast Amazon forest, Lake Titicaca, and the Andes Mountains.


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