What Continent Is Pakistan In?

Pakistan is in Asia.
Pakistan is in Asia.

Pakistan is a combination of the first letters of various countries namely Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Indus, and Sind. As a whole, the word Pakistan refers to a land of “paks” in Persian language meaning the land that is clean, holy, and pure. Officially referred to as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it is situated in South Asia. Pakistan occupies 340,509 square miles with about 3% water coverage. There are three distinct regions namely the northern highlands, the Indus River Plains, and the Balochistan plateau. There is also the coldest desert on earth known as the Katpana desert. Climate-wise the country experiences variances within tropical and temperate climates.


The country has evidence of the earliest inhabitants of Asia. Some of the artifacts discovered in Pakistan belong to the Bronze Age. The early rulers include the Rai and Pala Dynasty. In 711 BC the Arab conquered the Indus valley leading to rapid Islamic spread. The Mughal Empire ruled between 1536 and 1857, introducing the Persian culture and building various fortresses such as Lahore and Thatta. By the 18th century, Europeans had begun commercial activities which led to the weakening of the empire and establishment of British control impacting on education, military, and economics. The British took over the country and for close to one hundred years colonized them until 1947 when Pakistan gained independence.

Politics and Governance

The first leader of Pakistan of the independent Pakistan was Mohammad Ali Jinnah while the first prime minister was Liaquat Ali Khan. Currently, the country is a Federal parliamentary constitutional republic with a president and a prime minister. There is a bicameral parliament while the courts administer justice under the leadership of the chief justice. The military plays a vital role in managing the political affairs of the state. Administratively, Pakistan is divided into four provinces.


Initially, an agricultural dependent country, Pakistan has evolved into a strong service and commercial based economy. Industrial growth accounts for 20% of the GDP and 13% of employment opportunities, including the production of cement, textiles, and electronics. The service industry including banking, real estate, and computer technology has seen tremendous growth and offer direct and indirect jobs. The government has hugely invested in Nuclear power and hydroelectricity. Tourism attraction sites have also been popularized thereby attracting foreign exchange.

So In What Continent Is This Populous Country Located?

Pakistan is located in South Asia. The country is one of the 150 countries forming the Asia continent. It is dominated by Indian and Hindu cultures and fully participates in the activities of the Asian continent. Though a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (IOC), Pakistan actively takes part in South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). More evidently is that Pakistan borders Iran, China, and Afghanistan all which are in Asia. The country has also been identified as the best transit route for commerce and trade to the Central, South, and East Asia in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Another evidence that Pakistan is in Asia is the participation in events such as the Asian Youth Games in 2009 and the Asian athletics championships.


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