What Continent is Cyprus In?

Cyprus is considered a transcontinental country, between Asia and Europe.
Cyprus is considered a transcontinental country, between Asia and Europe.

Cyprus is an Eastern Mediterranean island country which is located 64 km to the south of Turkey, 97 km to Syria and very close to Egypt. There are many Mediterranean islands and among them, Cyprus is the third largest one with an area of 3,572 square miles.

Where Is Cyrus Located?

Cyprus is considered to be both an Asian and a European country due to various background reasons. If anything, the country has an interesting story here as to whether it should be placed in Europe or Asia. If we talk about the geographical location of the country, Cyprus is very close to Asia in terms of the border, but its history, stories, and cultural heritage have more of a European influence.

If we talk about the political scenario in Cyprus, the administration level is divided into 4 different geopolitical divisions. However, its political influences and memberships are in the European Union which ultimately makes it a European country. But, the geographical placement of the country is what confuses people into believing that Cyprus is an Asian country. It is for this reason that Cyprus is at times quoted as being a transcontinental country. On the whole, it is an Eastern Mediterranean island country that is considered to be part of the continent of Asia.

Over time, Cyprus has maintained close relations with both European and Asian nations. Most of the people living in Cyprus are from Greek or Turkish background and have brought with them their culture and history. Since the ancient times, Cyprus has played a strategic role in trade and commerce-related transactions between Asia and Europe. Now, Cyprus holds its separate identity as a member of the European Union along with the other 178 countries.

History of Cyprus

According to historians and archaeologists, Cyprus is considered to be one of the oldest countries in the world. Greeks and Phoenicians were some of the earliest inhabitants of the island. The governance system was purely based on monarchial rule and that is why the island was repeatedly conquered, occupied and ruled over by different powers. Different civilizations ruled over the people of Cyprus in which the rulers from Egypt, Greece, the Roman Republic, and Alexander the Great are most notable. In the later years, Cyprus was also captured by the British and the Ottoman Empire.

How Did Cyprus Gain Independence?

Cyprus was under the influence of the Ottoman Empire until the British Empire successfully drove out the Ottomans and established their colony on the island. Fights for control of Cyprus still continued and so did the fight for independence from any type of foreign rule. In 1960, a treaty was finally signed that made Cyprus an independent nation.


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