What Continent Is Austria In?

Austria is known for its beautiful Alps.
Austria is known for its beautiful Alps.

Austria is a landlocked sovereign country of Central Europe. It is one of the most famous travel destinations in Europe. The country shares its border with Germany and Czech Republic in the north, Slovenia and Italy in the south, Hungary and Slovakia in the east, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the west. Famous for its beautiful Alps, breathtaking valleys, and home to winter sports in Europe, Austria attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world for its rich history.

The country is a democratic republic and has long refrained from taking part in wars with other countries, which makes it a neutral state. Austria has been part of the European Union since 1995 and has been in the United Nations since 1955. As is known, there are nine states in which this federal state is divided. These are inclusive of Oberösterreich, Burgenland, Niederösterreich, Kärnten, Salzburg, Tirol, Steiermark, Wien, and Vorarlberg.


Located in the continent of Europe, Austria is a predominantly mountainous country. In terms of its area, it is spread across 83,879 km², which makes it nearly twice as big as Switzerland. The country boasts of three major ranges of the Alps. These are known as the South Calcareous Alps, Central Alps and the Northern Calcareous Alps. The highest and largest ranges in Austria are those of the Central Alps. These run all the way from Tyrol to the Styria-Lower border of the country. Apart from that, the highest mountain in Austria is the Grobglockner that is estimated to measure about 3.797m.

It is believed that more than 28% of the country is moderately flat or hilly. There are certain parts of Austria that are considered most suitable for living as these are climatically favorable and arable. These are inclusive of the areas that run from the north of the Alps to Lower and Upper Austria. Even though the Alps are known for their beauty, there are countless parts of Austria that have become uninhabitable because of them. Only about 40% of the country is habitable and includes areas that are cultivated, have proper means of transportation and are not inclusive of Alpine pastures, forests, and barren land. Out of all these areas, the maximum population is found in the Danube valley and the hilly regions found in the north, south, and east of the Alps. Combined, it is believed that two-thirds of the entire population of Austria resides in these regions.

The Mountain Range of the Bohemian Forest

The Bohemian Forest is a granite massif located in the northern areas of the Danube valley. Covering the remaining 10% of Austria, this is a low mountain range that is characterized by a harsh climate and windswept plateaus.

World Heritage Sites in Austria

Austria is one of the most famous travel destinations in Europe, particularly due to the Alps. Apart from that, there are many different UNESCO world heritage sites in Austria that tourists love to vist. These are inclusive of Lake Neusiedl, Schonbrunn Palace, Historic Centre of Vienna, Wachau Cultural Landscape, and so much more.


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