US States by Orthodox Christian Population

According to the PEW Research Center, there are no states with a significant Orthodox Christian population.

The United States of America is home to a diverse range of people practicing different religions. Each religion has its own doctrines and norms that govern the members who adhere.

Keen analysis of the total population of the USA reveals that there are three major religions with others taking up the remaining section of the population. The giant religions in the USA include Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The minority include Orthodoxy, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism.

As per the history of religions, Orthodoxy is recorded among the earliest religions to be practiced in the world. The religion begun in the Roman Empire and spread to other parts of the world as time went by. However, in the USA, the religion is still taking ground with only a small section of the entire population subscribing to the faith. This is clearly conveyed by statistical data presented by the PEW Research Center.

Orthodox Christian Population


California is the most populous state among the fifty states of the USA. It is home to the largest number of Orthodox Christians. However, this number is still so small that it is almost insignificant when compared to the entire USA population. The number totals to 1% of the state's entire population. The major groups associating with this religion are Russians in the USA, Greek Americans and Arab members who live in America. The headquarters of this religion is located in this state. Initially, the headquarters were in Alaska.


The state famously known for the Rocky Mountains is another state associated with a larger Orthodox Christian population. The numbers however do not add up to a substantial figure when gauged against the total USA population. This it is still not a significant figure. It stands at one percent just like the population in the headquarters in California State.


This state, located in the New England region, also makes it on to the list of the states with the largest Orthodox populations. Once again, the numbers here are insignificant to the total USA population as they stand at one percent.


This state, in spite of its small size, play hosts to several Orthodox Christians living in the USA. Delaware hosts one percent of the total population of the USA who are Orthodox Christians.


The Orthodox religion seems to be gaining ground at a very gradual rate in the USA. This is despite the fact that it is among the oldest religions to be practiced all over the world.

US States by Orthodox Christian Population

Rank´╗┐State% Identifying as Orthodox Christian (Source: PEW)
5District of Columbia1%
12New Jersey1%
13New York1%
14North Carolina1%
16South Carolina1%
21Alabama< 1%
22Arizona< 1%
23Arkansas< 1%
24Florida< 1%
25Georgia< 1%
26Hawaii< 1%
27Indiana< 1%
28Iowa< 1%
29Kansas< 1%
30Kentucky< 1%
31Louisiana< 1%
32Maine< 1%
33Michigan< 1%
34Minnesota< 1%
35Mississippi< 1%
36Missouri< 1%
37Nebraska< 1%
38New Hampshire< 1%
39New Mexico< 1%
40North Dakota< 1%
41Ohio< 1%
42Oklahoma< 1%
43Pennsylvania< 1%
44Rhode Island< 1%
45South Dakota< 1%
46Tennessee< 1%
47Texas< 1%
48Utah< 1%
49Washington< 1%
50West Virginia< 1%
51Wyoming< 1%

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