Which State Has the Most Police Officers?

A police officer in uniform.
A police officer in uniform.

It would make sense that the higher the population of a given state, the higher the number of full-time legal enforcement officers in a given state. However, this trend does not always hold. For instance, whereas Florida has a higher population than Texas, the two states have almost an equal number of full-time legal enforcement officers. Similar trends are observable between Illinois and Georgia, states with a significant population disparity, but with almost equal numbers of full-time law enforcement officers nonetheless. California has more police officers than any other state. 

4. Georgia - 47,887

Georgia follows at position nine, with full-time law enforcement employees totaling 47,887. The total population of Georgia amounts to approximately 7.9 million people. The complexity of Georgia makes it highly uncontrollable. A majority of Georgia residents have a low median income, a factor that would contribute to crime and hence attention of legal services.

3. Texas - 54,353

Number 3 is Texas, with 54,353 full-time officers. From a historical perspective, Texas is famous for its ranch and farming cultures, together with the high levels of gun ownership. A report published by the federal government in 2013 showed that gun misuse and instances of crime arose out of the high population levels in the state, coupled with often unrestricted gun usage.

2. New York - 62,962

New York comes in as the state with the second largest number of full-time law enforcement officers, with a total full-time workforce of 62,962 officers. New York State, being one of the most populous states in the U.S., is also home to some of the most challenging civil environments to live in in the country. Additionally, New York City is the central business zone of America, with high investment rates, employment rate, higher rates of street and homeless populations and high rates of crime in America.

1. California - 78,062

The state with the highest number of police officers is California. This should come as no surprise, as the state of California has the largest population among the states. There are nearly 80,000 police officers working in California today, with the largest police department being in Los Angeles with the LAPD.

Police Officers by State

RankStateNumber of Full-Time Sworn Officers
1 California78,062
2 New York62,962
4 Georgia47,887
5 Hawaii39,145
6 Indiana34,534
7 New Jersey29,511
8 Pennsylvania26,726
9 North Carolina24,948
10 Ohio23,005
11 Michigan19,830
13 Louisiana17,768
14 Maryland17,537
16 Massachusetts16,898
17 Missouri15,466
18 Arizona13,082
20South Carolina12,448
21 Colorado12,407
22 Iowa11,753
23 Alabama11,209
25 Minnesota8,947
26 Connecticut8,501
27 Oklahoma8,085
28 Kentucky7,617
29 Oregon6,942
30 Arkansas6,465
31 Mississippi6,119
32 Nevada5,697
33 Kansas5,231
35 Florida4,936
36 New Mexico4,610
38West Virginia3,581
39 Idaho3,363
40 Illinois3,082
41 New Hampshire2,751
42 Rhode Island2,467
43 Delaware2,313
44 Maine2,308
45 Montana2,016
46South Dakota1,622
48 North Dakota1,482
49 Alaska1,330

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