U.S. States With The Lowest Cancer Rates

Following cancer screening recommendations, such as women undergoing mammograms, is important in cancer prevention.
Following cancer screening recommendations, such as women undergoing mammograms, is important in cancer prevention.

The US consists of 50 states and the Federal District of Washington, District of Columbia, the latter being where the national government is seated. These states record different rates of cancer, with some recording high levels while other states have low rates. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) records, the top 10 states with the least cancer rates are New Mexico with 363.7 cases of all types of cancer out of every 100,000 residents.Arizona has 370.6 reported cases of all cancer out of every 100,000 people in the State

Factors Contributing to Low Cancer Rates

These states with low cancer rates have various reasons that lead them to have low cancer rate occurrences. Some of the leading factors influencing cancer rate are lifestyle behaviors, the use of medical care procedures, genetic predisposition, and environmental exposure to carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).

Behaviors of the residents in these states involve the practice of healthier eating habits than those in other states. Many types of cancer are associated with unhealthy lifestyle and diet. These behaviors would include smoking, which is associated with lung cancer. In these states, the levels of tobacco smoking are relatively low compared to other states in the country.

Medical care procedures, such as screening, vary from state to state. These states are well equipped regarding medical facilities, and the state governments take the initiatives in encouraging citizens to go in for regular testing and screening.

Demographic Trends

States such as New Mexico have a high number of Hispanics who have a lower cancer incidence rates than the African Americans and Caucasians. African Americans suffer mostly from lung cancer due to the habit of smoking which is relatively higher among the African Americans and the Caucasians communities.

Common Types of Cancer in These States

The most common type of cancer in New Mexico is the liver cancer in both men and women which are associated with heavy alcohol consumption. Other prevalent types of cancer are lung cancer and skin cancer. Prostate and Skin cancers are the most common type of cancer in Arizona. While in Wyoming- the most prevalent types of cancer are prostate, breast, and skin cancer. In Utah, the most prevalent type of cancer is breast cancer which is prevalent among the female population.

Colorado- Colon, prostate, and breast cancer are the most common in this region

Texas- prostate and skin cancers are the most common types of cancer.

California- most occurring types of cancer are breast, prostate and skin cancers.

Alaska- colorectal cancer is the most widespread cancer.

Florida- prostate, breast, and lung cancers are the common types in this area.

Virginia- lung cancer is the most common type of cancer.

Measures Taken to Combat Cancer

The state governments in these low rate cancer states have put up measures to treat and prevent cancer.The state governments equip hospitals with screening machines and encourage residents to take the initiative of regular screening. There are high levels of awareness among the citizens in most of these states, and the state government leads some campaigns that enlighten people on cancer conditions. There is also some legislation in this states that attempt to regulate smoking especially in public places and other laws that relate to tobacco and its products.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in all the US states and the world as a whole. Studies are being conducted to try and find a permanent cure for cancer which is becoming a pandemic in most countries around the world. Current trends indicate that more cancer types continue to erupt. Cancer is no longer affecting just the elderly, but has also increasingly reverted to impact the younger generations. Other states with low incidences of reported cancer cases relative to every 100,000 residents include Wyoming (382.0), Utah (393.2), Colorado (396.1), Texas (399.4), California (402.8), Alaska (410.4), Florida (413.0), and Virginia (418.5)

U.S. States With The Lowest Cancer Rates

RankStateIncidence Of All Types Of Cancer Per 100,000 Residents
1New Mexico363.7

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