Top Source Countries For Tourists To Finland

Finland is a popular destination for outdoor winter activities.
Finland is a popular destination for outdoor winter activities.

Finland is a top tourist destination in Northern Europe. The tourism sector accounted for about 2.5% of the country’s GDP and employed an estimated 136,700 people in 2013. More than 4.6 million tourists arrived in Finland in 2015, the majority of whom were from neighboring Russia. Finland has exploited digital tools to market its unique attractions. The website Visit Finland has been at the forefront showcasing what the country has to offer and branding Finland as a global destination.

Statistics For The Tourism Sector In Finland

The contribution of tourism to the Finnish economy has been increasing in recent years. About 5.5% of the country’s total workforce was employed in the tourism sector in 2015. The number of foreign tourists visiting the country has doubled in the past 15 years. International tourists spent nearly EUR 4 billion in Finland in 2015. The total tourism demand in the country in 2015 was 14 billion Euros while there was an 18% increase of the direct gross added value attributed to tourism from 2007 to 2012. Between 2007 and 2011, the Finnish tourism sector grew about four times faster compared to the rest of the country’s economy. About 5.8 million overnight stays of international visitors were recorded in 2016 in Finland.

Top Overseas Tourist Sources In Finland

Most tourists who arrive in Finland are European travelers. In 2016, 313,898 visitors to Finland came from Sweden. Finland borders Sweden and buses enable residents of the two countries to travel conveniently. Ferries such as the Viking Line also connect the two countries, allowing easy access for Swedish tourists. 307,127 Russians arrived in Finland in 2016. In Russia, Finland is recognized as one of the most popular destinations for visitors. International trains connect Finland with Moscow and St. Petersburg. The residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg view Finland as a peaceful and quiet nation where one can relax away from the bustle of the large cities. 268,061 of the tourists who arrived in Finland in 2016 were from Germany. Finland and Germany are both Schengen States, making trips between the nations easier.

The UK accounted for 199,654 of the total tourists who visited Finland in 2016. 96,613 Norwegians visited Finland in 2016. Finland and Norway are not only neighbors but are also strategic partners in such areas as tourism. 93,520 tourists from France arrived in Finland in 2016. A further 84,088 tourists visited Finland from Estonia. China accounts for the bulk of tourists from Asia who visit Finland. In 2016, 157,980 Chinese visitors arrived in Finland. The natural environment and attractions in Finland serve to lure Chinese tourists. The number of Chinese visitors to Finland has been increasing in recent years prompting the Finnish government to operate visa application centers in the main Chinese cities such as Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Jinan. The number of Japanese tourists in the country has been increasing as well. 114,452 Japanese tourists arrived in Finland in 2016. 107,745 visitors out of the total foreign arrivals in Finland came from the US.

Top Destinations For International Tourists In Finland

Finland prides in having many lakes as well as green woods and forests around its various waterbodies. During winter, ski resorts offer a variety of recreational activities such as alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. The northern town of Kemi features a massive snow castle including an ice hotel built during the winter every year. Trips on reindeer and dog sleighs are also favorite activities. Other winter activities in the country include ice fishing, ice hockey, and ice skating. The Finnish capital of Helsinki attracts numerous tourists, thousands of whom arrive via cruising boats along the Baltic Sea in summer. Finland’s cities offer a blend of historic and cultural attractions as well as museums, art galleries, cuisine, and parks. The northern lights are a prime Finnish attraction, and they are best seen from Lapland.

Top Source Countries For Tourists To Finland

RankCountryTourist Arrivals, 2016
1 Sweden313,898
2 Russia307,127
3 Germany268,061
4 United Kingdom199,654
5 China157,980
6 Japan114,452
7 United States107,745
8 Norway96,613
9 France93,520
10 Estonia84,088
11Total foreign2,788,322

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