Top Almond Consuming Countries

Almonds are the most commonly consumed nut in the world.
Almonds are the most commonly consumed nut in the world.

The almond tree produces the almond fruit. It is the most produced tree nut in the world with over 1.2 million metric tons produced in 2017/2018 period. The production of almond fruit has grown by 24% compared to 10 years ago. The fruit accounted for about a quarter of the tree huts produced in the year. In 2016, almonds accounted for 39% of tree nuts consumed by high-income economies and 19% of tree nuts consumed by middle-income economies. The United States and European countries are the highest consumers of almonds while China, Turkey Vietnam, Iran, and India are also significant consumers. The United States is the only country in North America that produces almonds in large quantities while Iran is the only country that does so in the Middle East.

Top Almond Consuming Countries

United States

The United States is not only in the world's largest producer of almonds but also the largest consumer. In 2016, the US consumed 315,736 metric tons of almonds compared to 261,306 metric tons it consumed in 2012. Despite being a top producer, the US imports a small percentage of almonds from the global market for blending purposes. The per capita consumption is estimated at 0.98 kg per year making the US the largest per capita consumer. California accounts for 99% of almonds produced in the US and remains the only place where almond is grown for commercial purpose in the continent. About 70% of almond grown in California is exported overseas while the rest is consumed domestically.


India is the second largest consumer of almonds although it is not grown in the country. Consumption has increased from 46,580 metric tones in 2013 to 82,915 metric tons in 2016. India imports every single almond that it consumes. In 2016, the country imported 83,148 metric tons of the fruit making it the third largest importer after Spain and Germany. Almond is mostly consumed by the upper class in India who account for a tiny percentage of the total population.The per capita consumption is a mare 0.06. The US is the largest exporter of almond to India.


Germany is the third largest consumer of almond nuts. In 2016, Germany consumed 73,163 metric tons of almond. Germany produces very little amount of almond to satisfy the domestic market it, therefore, imports a large percentage from the United States. In 2016, Germany imported 86,836 metric tons of the nut. The excess import is processed and exported to other countries


The demand for almonds is ever increasing, and so is the production. The United States continues to be the dominant player in both production and consumption of the nuts although consumption in Asian countries is on the rise. Spain and Australia are both minor producers. However, Spain is also a major importer of the nuts from the US which it processes and exports to other countries.

Top Almond Consuming Countries

RankCountryConsumption (MT)
1United States315,736
2India 82,915
6United Arab Emirates41,245
8Turkey 34,710

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