Top 5 Interesting Facts About Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia.
Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia.

Jakarta is Indonesia’s biggest and capital city. It is located in the island of Java which is regarded as the most populated island in the world. Jakarta has a population of around 10,075,310 people. The city attracts migrants from all corners of Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia and hence acts as a melting point of many cultures. Here is a list of some interesting facts related to Indonesia:

5. The Indonesian Equivalent Of The Big Apple

Jakarta has the nickname of the Big Durian. The here durian refers an edible, strongly-odored, and thorny fruit that is produced in Indonesia. The city is considered to be equivalent to the Big Apple or New York City, and hence the name Big Durian.

4. Jakarta Is The Best Place In The World To Experience The Betawi Culture

The Betawis are an Austronesian ethnic group that are considered to be the native inhabitants of Jakarta. Their ancestors settled in the region of Jakarta in the 17th century. These people have a rich and diverse cuisine. Soto Betawi, soto kaki, kerak telor, etc., are some popular dishes of the Betawi cuisine. They practice Silat Betawi, a type of martial art. The Betawis also have their own styles of music, dancing, and theater.

3. Jakarta Is A City Of Fairs And Festivals

The city serves as the venue of many national and international art and culture fairs, festivals, and exhibitions. It hosts the Jakarta International Film Festival, Jakarta Fair, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Flona Jakarta, and many more events that attract tourists from all corners of the globe to the city. Many foreign art and culture institutions have their offices in the city.

2. Jakarta Is The Gateway To Indonesia

Jakarta often serves as the stop-over destination for international tourists on their way to other Indonesian tourist destinations like the Komodo Island, Bali, Lombok, etc. The city itself hosts numerous tourist attractions including many museums, parks, monuments, etc. The Jakarta Old Town and the Merdeka square are popular tourist zones in the city. Other attractions here include the old port of Sunda Kelapa, the Thousand Islands archipelago, theme parks, etc.

1. Jakarta Is The Shopper’s Paradise

The city hosts numerous shopping malls. Jakarta’s total shopping mall area equals 550 hectares. This figure represents the world’s largest shopping mall area within a single city. June and July are the best months to shop in Jakarta as the "Jakarta Great Sale” is held during this time. It celebrates the city’s anniversary and witnesses the participation of over shopping centers. Besides modern shopping malls, the city also has many traditional and special markets selling local products, antiques, gemstones, etc.


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