The World's Top Exporters Of Bricks

Bricks are primarily used in the construction industry.
Bricks are primarily used in the construction industry.

The earliest discovery of bricks dates back to 7500 BCE, a construction made out of the mud in the Middle East and South Asia. A brick is a building material often rectangle in shape made of concrete materials, lime clay, and sand. Bricks are commonly in use in masonry construction in the making of walls, pavements and other elements. We can base production of bricks on types, sizes and how they are manufactured. There exist three types of bricks according to their manufacturing: fired bricks, non-fired bricks, and chemically made bricks.

Top Brick Exporters


China is the lead exporter of bricks in the world incurring about 37.2 million dollars of export value annually. Even though brick might not be among the top exports in China, the product generates an estimate of 7.51 billion dollars from all its sales yearly. Production and exportation of bricks dated to 3,000 years ago when China was still developing. Up to date the country exports vast tones of bricks to other nations as well as use the bricks in their construction.


A lot of companies in Spain are investing in brick production and exportation as the country comes second in the exportation of bricks in the world and therefore more opportunities are opening up for the manufacturers. As such, the nation earns 16.3 million dollars annually from bricks.


The brick industry is growing fast in India due to the fast economic growth we see in the country, and as such, India produces about 250 billion brick yearly to be able to meet the growing demand. The nation gets 12.2 million dollars from the brick industry annually.

Uses of Bricks

Bricks have a variety of uses apart from the common one, which is a construction purpose. Builders use bricks in the construction of walls and pavements in most parts of the world but this has been on the decline as from the 20th century most constructions of buildings is out of concrete blocks and other materials. The crystal industry uses bricks to line blast furnace especially those that have silica. The use of brick for construction has been declining over the years due to its inability to withstand substantial forces like earthquakes. Production and exportation of bricks are currently not on the rise because most people prefer concrete materials and as such resulting in a decline in its usage compared to the 18th and 19th century. Some countries like China are still manufacturing tones of bricks and export to another part of the world.

The World's Top Exporters of Bricks

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