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Public transportation is most expensive in London, United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, and Dublin, Ireland, where passes will run you $140 US or above.

The cost of living index analyzes the average income spent on basic amenities such as food, utilities, transport, education, healthcare, rent, clothing, cost of property, and leisure. The index determines the expensive and moderate cities to live and invest. Recurrent expenditure such as rent, food, utilities, and transport determines the sustainability of living in a city. The following cities have the most expensive public transport.

Cities with the Most Expensive Transit

London, United Kingdom

London is one of the world's most expensive cities to live in. London is the financial capital of the world. An urban population of 9.8 million and a metro population of 14 million puts immense pressure on the cost of living and the transport infrastructure. A public transport pass costs an average of $197.72 against a national average of $78.62. The alternative is to incur daily transport cost which is $3.14 for a one-way ticket or a taxi ride for $3.10/mile.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. The cost of living in the city is relatively higher than in other parts of the country. Australia is generally an expensive country but the income is also significantly higher. The cost of a monthly public transport pass in Sydney $153.78 against a national average of $104.33. 

Auckland, New Zealand

Much like Australia, the cost of living in its fellow southern hemisphere neighbor of New Zealand also tends to be on the high side. In Auckland, New Zealand, a monthly bus pass will set passengers back around $135 USD. Transit service in Auckland is handled by Auckland Transport (AT) and includes bus, ferry, and train services. Only around 8% of Auckland residences use public transit on the day to day. 

Dublin, Ireland 

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and has an extensive transit system. With an average monthly cost of $135.68, Dublin has the most expensive transit pass in the entire European Union. 

Countries With The Most Expensive Monthly Transport Pass

Ireland is the most expensive country to use public transport. A monthly pass goes for $140.06. Iceland ranks second at $111.59 while Australia ranks third at $104.33. Japan is the most expensive country in Asia at $90.05. Germany and the UK rank 9th and 10th at $81.70 and $98.62 respectively. Canada is the 13th most expensive city at $72.09 while the US ranks 15th with $69.

Which City Has the Most Expensive Bus Pass?

Public transportation is most expensive in Washington, D.C., London, United Kingdom, and Dublin, Ireland, where passes will run you $140 US or above.

The World's Most Expensive Bus Passes

RankCityCountryMonthly Transit Fare
1LondonUnited Kigndom197.72
3AucklandNew Zealand135.69
5Pretoria South Africa126.56
6New YorkUnited States121
7Washington, D.C. United States117
8MiamiUnited States112.5
11AmsterdamThe Netherlands105.14
13ChicagoUnited States105
14Perth Australia104.17
15WellingtonNew Zealand101.7

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