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The World's Most Charitable Nations

Per the World Giving Index compiled by the Charities Aid Foundation, these are the most generous nations in the world.

5. Australia

Aussies appear to be really generous in nature when considering their country’s spot in the 5th place in the World Giving Index rankings. It is estimated that about 60,000 charities and non-profits are registered in the country. Around 66% of Aussies donate some amount of money to charities. Among the Australian states, Western Australia appears to be most generous with 71% of the population of state donating towards charity. Volunteering for good causes is also highly popular among the Aussies with 40% of the population participating in volunteer activities. During the Queensland floods of 2010, 67,000 citizens of the nation volunteered to help the victims of flood within only a span of 72 hours from the onset of the disaster.

4. Canada

Canada is well known for its generosity towards those in need. As per reports in 2010, $10.6 billion worth of donations were collected in the year. The average donation per year per person was as high as $446 in the country. Besides donating money, Canadians also generously gave away food, clothes and other amenities to the charitable organizations and individuals in need of help. 62% of Canadians donated food and 79% donated other items like clothing, and toys. As per the estimates of 2013, 44% of Canadians or 12.7 individuals above the age of 15 volunteered for good causes.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand, the peaceful and picturesque nation in the Pacific Ocean appears to host citizens with a kind and beautiful heart too. As per the World Giving Index, the country ranks third in the world in terms of generosity of its people. 270 million working hours in the country is contributed by volunteering Kiwis. $2.788 billion were donated by Kiwis in 2014 for charity purposes of which 55% involves personal donations and 42% involved donations to charities and non-profits. In 2015, the percentage of population of New Zealand who donated for charity increased by 11%.

2. United States

The second most charitable country in the world, the Americans are well known for their giving nature. In 2014, $358 billion was generated as charity money in the country, a jump of 7% from the previous year’s records. Two-thirds of the Americans are estimated to donate money to charity. As per estimates, in 2013, religious institutions received the greatest chunk of money of nearly $114.9 billion followed by other funds and non-profits.

1. Myanmar

Interestingly, even though we tend to relate wealth to the act of giving, it does not hold ground when we observe the results of the World Giving Index of 2015. Myanmar, though not a very rich country in terms of financial wealth is the richest in terms of generosity of its citizens. The country tops the list of World Giving Index, becoming the world’s most generous nation. This proves the fact that money is not always the determinant of generosity. Experts believe that the strong influence of Theravada Buddhism which preaches love and kindness for others and inspires its followers to help those in need is the driving force behind the generous nature of the country’s inhabitants. 9 out of 10 adults in Myanmar donate money to charity, while 50% of the population also donate their time and efforts in volunteer work in the country.

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