Countries That Give the Most to Charity

A mosque in Indonesia. Much of the charitable donations given in Indonesia are related to religion.
A mosque in Indonesia. Much of the charitable donations given in Indonesia are related to religion.

The World Giving Index tracks how charitable a given country is based on the amount of time citizens spend volunteering or the amount of money that is spent on charitable causes. The world's most giving countries are Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Ireland. 

5. Ireland

Ireland, one of the world's richest countries, is also one of the world's most generous countries. 64% of the population says that they donate money to a charity, while 40% of the population reports volunteering their time.

4. United States

As the fourth most charitable country in the world, Americans are well known for their giving nature. An estimated two-thirds of Americans donate money to charity.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand, the peaceful and picturesque nation in the Pacific Ocean appears to host citizens with a kind and beautiful heart too. 270 million working hours in the country is contributed by volunteering Kiwis. $2.788 billion were donated by Kiwis in 2014 for charity purposes of which 55% involves personal donations and 42% involved donations to charities and non-profits.

2. Australia

It is estimated that about 60,000 charities and non-profits are registered in Australia. Around 66% of Aussies donate some amount of money to charities. Among the Australian states, Western Australia appears to be most generous with 71% of the population of state donating towards charity. Volunteering for good causes is also highly popular among Aussies with 40% of the population participating in volunteer activities. During the Queensland floods of 2010, 67,000 citizens of the nation volunteered to help the victims of flood within only a span of 72 hours from the onset of the disaster.

1. Indonesia

The southeast Asian country of Indonesia wins the award for being the world's most generous country. The country, which hosts the world's largest Muslim population, has a strong tradition of faith-related donations. 78% of the population of Indonesia spends money on charity, while 53% of people volunteer their time.

Countries of the World Giving Index

Rank´╗┐Charitable Countries
3New Zealand
4United States
6United Kingdom
11The Netherlands

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