The World's Largest Exporters of Iron Fasteners

Iron fasteners include screws, nuts, and studs.
Iron fasteners include screws, nuts, and studs.

Fasteners, also referred to as screws, nuts, and studs in various settings, are gadgets used to offer and maintain grip on sets of materials employed in architectural, construction, and repair works. Different materials have been used in production of fasteners over the years, including wood and different metals. Emerging trends show increasing use of steel in screw manufacturing. However, iron is still widely utilized owing to the durability and strength of iron fasteners. These are presented in varying diameters and lengths using measurements permitted in different nations; millimeters in Germany and inches in the United States. Several countries have taken a lead in production of iron fasteners, which upon distribution to both local and international consumers contribute immensely to the economy. The top five exporters of iron screws are Germany with an export value of $5.43B, China $4.52B, United States $4.06B, Japan $2.63B, and Italy $1.69B.

The Five Largest Exporters of Iron Fasteners


With an export value of $5.43B, Germany is the leading exporter of iron fasteners in which it carries 19% of all iron fasteners exports across the globe. It is a leader in the manufacturing industry in the European continent. As far as iron fasteners are concerned, Germany is a leading producer of iron fasteners at 40%. Europe is the major target of the German exports with a focus on industries like auto-motives, construction, machine building, and furniture production. Despite being an exporter, Germany also imports iron fasteners from developing countries like India and China.


China is the second largest exporter of iron fasteners with an export value of $4.53B, making up 16% of exports. Over the years, Europe has been a leading importer of Chinese iron fasteners. However, this has been stalled by anti-dumping duties imposed on China by the European Union. This has led to diversification of Chinese fasteners and search for overseas importers like the United States. With the diversification, the exportation is expected to display an upgrade.

The United States of America

As a developed nation, the United States has made major strides in industrialization, part of this being in production of iron fasteners. 14% of the iron fasteners exports are linked to the United States, an equivalent export value of $4.06B. There has been growth in the exportation of iron fasteners due to an increasing demand in the target recipients. According the U.S. Census Bureau, major importers of the US iron fasteners are the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany and China.


Japan has an export value of $2.63B, which totals 9.2% of the world iron fasteners exports. Its booming exportation of iron fasteners were facilitated by the country’s progress in the manufacturing business and incentives towards the fasteners manufacture provided for by the Government of Japan. Following its trade partnership with the US, this exportation has seen a gradual increase since 2012.


Being the second largest exporter of iron fasteners in Europe after Germany, Italy has an export value of $1.69B. It has become a notable machinery producer, some of the focus being production of iron fasteners. Italy exports about 5.9% of the world’s iron fasteners exports.

Exports and Imports

Exportation of iron fasteners across the globe has become an increasingly important trade between nations. The top exporters of iron fasteners also consume considerable volumes of the same screws from other nations. Generally, iron fasteners greatly contribute s to nations’ economies in terms of exports and imports.

The World's Largest Exporters of Iron Fasteners

RankCountryExport Value (Billions of US Dollars)
3United States4.06

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