The World's Largest Exporters of Barbed Wire

Barbed wire was and is used by ranches to enclose grazing livestock.
Barbed wire was and is used by ranches to enclose grazing livestock.

Barbed wire or barbwire,as commonly known, is a wire made of steel frequently used in fencing. The constructing of the wire is such that wire it is made with very sharp edges at intervals along the elements. Studies show that barbed wire was the first mode of technology put in place to enclose cattle in ranches. We can trace the first barbed wire to 1873, and before then people were using only flat and thin wires to a fence. It is later in the 19th century that more people came to embrace barbed wire. We can base the grouping of barbwire about conditions such as the type of material used for example zinc coated and polymer coated. Twist type and strand structure also matter a lot when it comes to classification of barbwire. Studies indicate that the invention of barbed wire came into existence through four inventors commonly called “the big four” in 1873. A rise in the use of barbed wire in the USA and later other nations led to the rise in its exportation in the 19th century by countries like China, Mexico, and Netherlands.

Top Exporters of Barbed Wire


China is the leading country in production and exportation of barbed wire in the world according to recent research. China exports an estimate of 2.06 milion tones of barbed wire annually, and the figure increases over the years. Most importation of barbed wire from China comes from the United States, Hong Kong, and Germany.


Mexico is the second largest exporter of barbed wire in the world after China. Its export value is at 15.6 million dollars in the year 2016. The top export destinations of barbed wire from Mexico are the USA, Canada, Japan, and Germany. Even though barbwire is not among the top exports of Mexico, the product earns the country a significant amount of revenue.


Spain earns 11.2 million dollars annually from an export of bricks ranking it the third largest exporter in the world. The top import destinations from Spain are France, Germany, and Italy.

Future of Barbed Wire Production

The uses of barbed wire over the years has risen significantly and therefore a rise in demand. There is also a rise in the manufacturing of the product due to increased uses to balance the demand and supply in the world economy. Research indicates that in the future the market and applications of barbed wire will increase tremendously putting it among the top exports and imports in the world.

The World's Largest Exporters of Barbed Wire

RankCountryExport Value (Millions)
4The Netherlands10.8
5South Africa8.99

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