The World's Biggest Baseball Parks

Baseball stadiums can hold an enormous amount of spectators.
Baseball stadiums can hold an enormous amount of spectators.

Baseball is played in baseball parks, also known as baseball diamonds, around the world. They are made up of the field and spectator seating. The seating capacity in baseball parks can vary from just a few bleachers to multiple tiers of seats. This article takes a look at the biggest baseball parks in the world according to seat capacity.

Biggest Baseball Parks In The World

1. Dodger Stadium

The biggest baseball park in the world is Dodger Stadium, located in Los Angeles in the US state of California. It can seat up to 56,000 spectators. Construction of this baseball park was privately financed and cost $23 million, which is the equivalent of $182 million today. Construction began in 1959 and lasted for 3 years. Dodger Stadium officially opened to the public on April 10, 1962, making it the oldest baseball park located west of the Mississippi River. Some of the most famous games played here include 8 World Series games, the 1984 Summer Olympics, semi-finals and finals of the World Baseball Classics, and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game of 1980.

2. Estadio Latinoamericano

The Estadio Latinoamericano has a seating capacity of 55,000, making it one of two of the second largest baseball parks in the world. It is located in Havana, Cuba and is considered the most important baseball stadium in Latin America. The first game played here was between the Cienfuegos and the Almendares on October 26, 1946, with an attendance of 31,000. In 1971, its size was expanded to its current capacity. Although principally utilized for baseball games, this stadium has also hosted dances, boxing matches, and political demonstrations.

3. Tokyo Dome

The 3rd largest baseball park in the world is located in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo Dome has a total capacity of 55,000 and shares its second place position with the Estadio Latinoamericano. The dome of this stadium is an air supported structure, which means that it is held up by the pressurized air within the stadium. This baseball park was opened to the public on March 17, 1988, after nearly 3 years of construction. It is part of the larger Tokyo Dome City, which is an entertainment center with an amusement park, restaurants, horse race betting, and stores. This stadium hosts a number of other events, including concerts, wrestling matches, American football, and monster truck rallies.

4. Sapporo Dome

The Sapporo Dome in Sapporo, Japan is the third biggest baseball park in the world. It has the capacity to hold 53,796 spectators. This stadium was opened in June of 2001 with 41,580 seats and in 2009, it was expanded to its current capacity. The Sapporo Dome is unique in that it offers two different playing surfaces. It has an artificial turf field for baseball games and a grass surface that can be slid into and out of the dome for football games. Additionally, it has a fixed dome roof. This venue hosted 3 matches of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship of 2007. During the Ski Championship, the Sapporo Dome became the first location in the world where both nighttime and indoors skiing events occurred at a championship level.

The chart published below offers a list of more of the world’s biggest baseball parks.

The World's Biggest Baseball Parks

1Dodger Stadium56,000Los Angeles United States
2Estadio Latinoamericano55,000Havana Cuba
3Tokyo Dome55,000Tokyo Japan
4Sapporo Dome53,796Sapporo Japan
5Rogers Centre53,506Toronto Canada
6Coors Field50,445Denver United States
7Yankee Stadium50,291New York City United States
8Rangers Ballpark in Arlington49,200Arlington United States
9Chase Field49,033Phoenix United States
10Oriole Park at Camden Yards48,876Baltimore United States
11Koshien Stadium47,808Nishinomiya Japan
12Safeco Field47,116Seattle United States
13Busch Stadium46,861St. Louis United States
14Angel Stadium of Anaheim45,050Anaheim United States
15Citizens Bank Park43,500Philadelphia United States
16Great American Ball Park42,941Cincinnati United States
17Petco Park42,445San Diego United States
18Miller Park41,900Milwaukee United States
19Nationals Park41,888Washington United States
20Citi Field41,800New York City United States

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