The Tallest Mountains In The Rockies

Mount Elbert, the tallest mountain in the Rockies as seen from the Turquoise Lake.
Mount Elbert, the tallest mountain in the Rockies as seen from the Turquoise Lake.

The Rockies or the Rocky Mountains are found in North America. These mountains were formed over 55 to 80 million years ago by the mountain building process known as the Laramide orogeny. Large sections of the mountainous landscape of the Rockies are protected by law of the countries where they are located. The major activities that attract tourist in these mountains are hiking, skiing, fishing, showboating, and mountain biking.

Tallest Mountains In The Rockies

1. Mount Elbert - 14,440 feet.

At 14,440 feet, Mount Elbert is the highest peak of North America’s chain of Rocky Mountains, as well as the highest point of Colorado. It is part of the San Isabel National Forest that is in the south-western part of Leadville City in the Lake County of the Colorado state. Mount Elbert has a Continental Subarctic type of climate. The summit of this mountain has got an alpine environment which houses plants such as the Geum rossii, Phacelia sericia, and Hymenoxys grandiflora. Fauna reported in the mountain are marmots, mule deer, black bears, and pikas. Fjords and the glaciers are the two spectacular attractions to the people visiting Mount Elbert. People also travel to this mountain to ski or snowboard during the winter and hike during the summer. The main dangers or sickness associated with climbing this mountain is the high altitude sickness like pulmonary edema.

2. Mount Massive - 14,428 feet.

Mount Massive is the second highest peak of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains at 14,428 feet. Mt. Massive is located in Mount Massive Wilderness of the San Isabel National Forest. There is a hiking path that leads to the peak of the mountain from its eastern face. The wilderness has glacial lakes and lodgepole pines are found on the lower slopes. The fauna found are the mountain goat, moose, mule deer, and the American pika.

3. Mount Harvard- 14,421 feet.

Mount Harvard is the third highest peak of North America’s Rocky Mountains at a height of 14,412 feet. This mountain is found in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness that is in the San Isabel National Forest and is located in the north-western part of Buena Vista Town of Chafee County in Colorado. The flora of the mountain features wildflowers and trees and its fauna includes mountain goat, marmots, and pika.

4.Blanca Peak- 14,351 feet.

Blanca Peak is the fourth highest peak of the Rockies and is located in the north of the Blanca Town. Blanca Peak is located between Alamosa county and Rio Grande National Forest. The mountain features the Como Lake and the Blue Lake. The way to access the mountain is via a road leading to the Como Lake. Gulls, pelicans, and sandpipers are found in the wetlands of Blanca and there are over 150 other bird species. The attraction in this mountain is the engrossing view of birds soaring high above the mountains as watched from the wheelchair accessible trails.

How The Rockies Are Important To North America's Economy?

Apart from the Rocky Mountains being major tourist attraction centers, the mountains are also home to rich natural resources. There are deposits of gold, copper, lead, and silver. Colorado’s largest coal mines are found in the Rockies. The other major activity that is income generating in the Rockies is the forestry and agriculture industries.

The Tallest Mountains In The Rockies

1Mount Elbert14,440 feet
2Mount Massive14,428 feet
3Mount Harvard14,421 feet
4Blanca14,351 feet
5La Plata14,343 feet
6Uncompahgre14,321 feet
7Crestone14,300 feet
8Mount Lincoln14,293 feet
9Castle14,279 feet
10Grays Peak14,278 feet

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