Tallest Buildings In Hong Kong

The skyline of Hong Kong city.
The skyline of Hong Kong city.

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a unique skyline that is shaped by a harbor and surrounded by mountains behind. This city is home to more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. It has a total of 315 buildings that reach heights of over 492 feet. This article inspects the top 5 tallest buildings in Hong Kong.

International Commerce Centre

The International Commerce Centre rises above the city skyline to 1,588 feet. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel occupies this building, making it the tallest hotel in the world. The building was completed in 2010 and opened in 2011, its 108 stories are dedicated to the hotel, offices, restaurants, a shopping mall, and an observation deck. The observation deck, Sky 100, is located on the 100th floor and is equipped with interactive touchscreens for visitors to plan their trip and learn facts about the city. The building displays an LED light show in the evenings that has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest light and sound show on only one building. Originally, the architects had planned for the building to be taller, however, the local regulation prohibits buildings from exceeding the heights of the surrounding mountains.

Two International Finance Centre

On the other side of the harbor and directly across from the International Commerce Centre, is the second tallest building in Hong Kong. Two International Finance Centre stands at 1,365 feet and has 88 floors. When it was completed in 2003, it was the tallest building in the city. Its 88 stories and 22 high-ceilinged trading floors represent favorable numbers in Chinese culture and are thought to bring good fortune. Because this building was designed as a financial center, it has raised floors to house telecommunications cables and has minimal columns running through the building. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has purchased floors 55, 56, and 77 through 88.

Central Plaza

Central Plaza has a height of 1,227 feet and a total of 78 stories. It was finished in August of 1992 and at that time, was the tallest building in Asia. This building is recognized by its triangular shape which was chosen so that 20% more of the building’s tenants could enjoy views onto the harbor. Additionally, the building has a neon clock at the top. This clock shows the time by using different colored bars which change color every 15 minutes. Sky City Church occupies the 75th floor, making it the highest church in the world inside a skyscraper. Construction of the building utilized a reinforced concrete model in order to save money. This design is still able to provide wind resistance against the typhoons that are so common to the area.

Bank Of China Tower

Ranking fourth among the tallest buildings in Hong Kong is the Bank of China Tower. This building is 1,205 feet in height and is located in the Central and Western District of the island. Its unique design makes it easy to recognize, structural expressionism made to resemble bamboo. It has steel beams at its corners and crossing the face of the building to create triangular shapes, which are covered by glass curtain walls. This was the first building outside of the US to reach over 100 feet.

The Centre

The Centre is the fifth tallest building in Hong Kong. It reaches 1,135 feet and holds 73 floors. Construction of The Centre began in 1995 and finished in 1998. This building has the distinction of being one of the only completely steel structures without a reinforced concrete core in Hong Kong. It has nearly 1.4 million square feet of area and was built with a unique shape in to adjust to the the pre-existing streets and buildings surrounding it. At nighttime, The Centre displays a light show of rainbow-colored bars that scrolls upward, lighting each color on its way up.

The Tallest Buildings In Hong Kong

RankNameHeight (in feet)Floors
1International Commerce Centre1,588108
2Two International Finance Centre1,36488
3Central Plaza1,22778
4Bank of China Tower1,20570
5The Centre1,13573
6Nina Tower1,04880
7One Island East97968
8Cheung Kong Centre92863
9The Cullinan North Tower88668
10The Cullinan South Tower88668
11The Masterpiece85664
12Sorrento 184175
13Langham Place Office Tower83759
15The Harbourside82473
16Manulife Plaza78952
17Sorrento 277366
18The Harbourfront Landmark76370
19The Arch75865
20Cosco Tower74853

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