War-Inflicted Casualties In Syria By Group

Destruction caused by multiple groups, including ISIS, have resulted in the absolute destruction of both home and life for over 100,000 Syrians since 2011.

Syria’s Plight Since 2011

War is never pretty, as whenever and wherever there’s war, pain and suffering are bound to be close at hand. This contention has proven painfully true for the nation of Syria since 2011, when an ongoing uprising began to wreak disastrous havoc on the daily lives of citizens of the country. Since then, the constant violence from the civil war in Syria has led four million citizens to flee the country, and many more are looking for a way out still. Most of the country has become so dangerous and unregulated that definite calculations of casualties incurred are practically impossible.

Nonetheless, groups like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have worked tirelessly to document how many Syrians have died owing to this war. For the record, the war in Syria is being fought on multiple planes, a combination of conflicts between the Government of President Bashar al-Assad, several minor rebel groups that have risen up against his army, and the infamous terrorist organization ISIS that has captured several cities in Syria and is claiming to launch an Islamic caliphate with global jurisdictions. According to one report released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the number of casualties in Syria has grown to more than 100,000, including many women and children. What must be noted here is that certain parts of Syria that are under control of the ISIS are unverifiable, and systematic documentation is hence not possible. For this reason, actual casualties may be much higher still

Most Recent Counts of Syrian Casualties

According to the data acquired by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, death tolls continue to rise in war-inflicted Syria, and the report presents a detailed breakdown of the different types of casualties that have taken place as a result of the ongoing civil war. Since the beginning of this Syrian conflict, approximately 115,627 Syrians had lost their lives directly resultant from the conflict by May of 2015.

This includes 12,517 children, 8,062 women, and 3,258 unidentified dead people that have been documented by footages and photos. The list also details 52,077 casualties of the Syrian state’s military soldiers and officers and 41,201 casualties of YPG, the rebel fighters. The number of casualties also includes 37,010 fighters who fight with the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front, Junoud al-Sham battalion, Jund Al-Aqsa battalion, Jund al-Sham Movement, al-Khadra battalion, the Islamic Turkestan Party, Junud al-Sham al-Shishan and several other Islamist factions. There were also 2,551 defected soldiers and officers included in the list, together with 971 fighters from Hezbollah.

War-Inflicted Casualties In Syria By Group

Rank Group Casualties
1 Total civilians 115,627
2 Regular regime soldiers and officers 52,077
3 YPG, the rebel and Islamist fighters 41,201
4 Fighters who fight with?Islamic State?, al-Nusra Front, Junoud al-Sham battalion, Jund Al-Aqsa battalion, al-Khadra? battalion, Jund al-Sham Movement, Junud al- Sham al- Shishan, the Islamic Turkestan Party and other Islamist factions 37,010
5 Combatants from People?s Committees, Syrian Social Nationalist Party, National Defense Forces, al Shabiha, pro-regime informant, the ?Syrian resistance to liberate the Sanjak of Alexandretta?, al- Baath battalion and the Palestinian Liberation Army 35,235
6 Children 12,517
7 Women 8,062
8 Pro- regime Shia militiamen from Arab and Asian nationalities, Al Quds Al Felastini Brigade and other pro-regime militiamen from different Arab nationalities 3,395
9 Unidentified dead people (documented by photos and footages) 3,258
10 Defected soldiers and officeers 2,551
11 Fighters from Hezbollah 971

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