The Most Extreme Points of China

Mohe County, the northermost point of China.
Mohe County, the northermost point of China.

The People’s Republic of China is popularly known for its huge economy and large population. However, the country has several unique features not known to many. China borders 14 countries making it the country with the most neighbors. China is slightly smaller than the US but has one time zone while continental US has four. The official time zone is known as the Beijing time zone and has proved a problem for the country as the western part of the country experiences sunrise at The following are the extreme points of China.

6. Northernmost Point in China

Mohe County in Heilongjiang Province is the northernmost county in China. The village of Beiji is the most northernmost settlement. The village is located on the bank of the Amur River that demarcates China’s boundary with Russia. Mohe County attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists interested in viewing aurora borealis

5. Southernmost Point in China

Hainan province is the undisputed southernmost and smallest province of China. The province is located in the South China Sea and consists of several islands. The southernmost islands of the more than 200 islands close to Hainan are claimed by several countries including China, Philippines, and Vietnam. The Cuarteron Reef south of Hainan is claimed by China and the Philippines while China, Philippines, and Taiwan dispute the James shoal which is the claimed southernmost point.

4. Westernmost Point in China

The westernmost point in China is the border with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in Akto County, Xinjiang Province. The region is also the westernmost point of all territories claimed by China.

3. Easternmost Point in China

Fuyuan County in Heilongjiang Province is the Easternmost Point in China. The town of Fuyuan is located in the eastern part of the county, east of the Ussuri Rivers which acts as the international boundary between China and Russia. The region is known for grain production.

2. Highest Point in China

The Highest point in China is the peak of Mount Everest at the border with Nepal. The peak is located at an elevation of 29,028 ft above the sea level but varies slightly when measured by the ground level. Tibet is the highest inhabited region on earth with an average elevation of 16,000 ft. Although Tibet is geographically in China, it is an autonomous region.

1. Lowest Point in China

Lake Ayding is the lowest point in China at an elevation of -505 ft below the seas level. Lake Ayding is lower than any other place on earth except for depressions in Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Djibouti, and Syria. The lake is located in Turpan Depression in Xinjiang. The lake once held 5 million km2 of seawater; the water evaporated leaving the lakebed dry. Around the mid-20th century, the lake was filled with fresh water from melting snow and underground water. The water also disappeared after a short while. Today the lakebed is dried up and muddy. A monument was erected at the center to denote the lowest point in China.


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