The Most Expensive Cups of Coffee in the World

The price of coffee fluctuates around the world.
The price of coffee fluctuates around the world.

The global consumption of coffee is only rivaled by water and tea. The drink is so popular that October 1st is regarded the International Coffee Day. The coffee plant was discovered in Ethiopia in the 15th century but the first cup of coffee was made in Yemen. Today, more than 70 countries grow coffee plants. Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Honduras, and Ethiopia account for about half of the global production while the European Union accounts for half of the global consumption. The Nordic states of Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark consume more coffee than the entire African Continent. Finns consume more coffee than anyone else with an average of 12kg per capita annually. The price of coffee in the global market is rising because of the falling production and the rising demand, especially in the developed world. The following are the most expensive countries to buy a regular cup of cappuccino coffee.

Countries Where Coffee Is The Most Expensive


Denmark is the most expensive place to buy a cup of coffee. A single cup of cappuccino coffee goes for around $5.2. Denmark does not produce coffee but imports everything she consumption. The demand for coffee is also extremely high considering that the country is the fourth largest consumer of the product in the world. The Danes are accustomed to the high cost of coffee but visitors and tourists feel cheated. The Danes also seek the high quality coffee brand which increase the price.


A cup of cappuccino coffee in Iceland goes for $5.05. The per capita consumption in the country is estimated at 9 kg annually. Iceland, just like other Nordic countries, does not grow coffee but imports the entire stock it consumes. With average temperatures of −10 °C during winter and 20 °C in summer, most people turn to coffee to keep warm, a factor that raises demand and consequently the price.


The Middle East state of Qatar prices a regular cup of cappuccino coffee at $5.02, which is slightly lower than the price of the same in Iceland. Qatar is a desert and the climate is therefore not suitable for the production of coffee. However, the country is a mass oil producer. The country’s per capita income of $124,927 is the largest in the world, in perspective, Qataris earn twice as Americans. With the high disposable income in the country, the price of coffee is the least of concern.

Trends in the Prices of Coffee

The price of coffee globally is not expected to drop anytime soon considering that the global production is declining. More people are taking coffee as an alternative drink at a time when carbonated soft drinks are linked with the increase in obesity, diabetes, and other medical complications. Climate change, desertification, and the cost of production are among the factors affecting the production of coffee.

The Most Expensive Cups of Coffee in the World

RankCountryAverage Cost of Coffee (Cappucino) In a Café in USD
6United Arab Emirates4.49
7Hong Kong4.42
9South Korea4.10
13United States3.93
17United Kingdom3.45

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