The Largest Islands of Sweden

Kalmar Castle on the island of Gotland.
Kalmar Castle on the island of Gotland.

Sweden has approximately 221,831 islands, although only about 1,000 of them are inhabited. In fact, the combined area of Sweden's islands is bigger than its mainland. Sweden tops the list of countries with the highest number of islands. Some of the most significant islands in Sweden are listed below.


Occupying approximately 2,994 square km, Gothland is the largest island in Sweden. Gothland is a diocese, municipality, county, and province of Sweden. The territory includes two smaller islands at the north, which are Gotska Sandon and Faro. The island has a population of 58,003, with approximately 23,600 people living in Visby. The major industries on the island are information technology, tourism, design, and food processing.


Occupying about 1,347 square km, Oland is the smallest province in Sweden, but the country's second biggest island. Oland is located in the Baltic Sea, and it has a population of more than 26,000 people. The island is separated from the mainland by the Kalmar Strait, but by the Oland Bridge.


Occupying about 346 square km, Orust is Sweden's third largest island. However, according to 2014 statistics, Sweden declared Orust as the fourth biggest island in the country under a definition which added numerous artificial canals to the water bodies surrounding the island. With over 1,800 inhabitants, Henan is the largest town in Orust. The island has a population of over 15,160 people during the cold season and even more during summer.


With an area of approximately 199 square km, Hisingen is the fourth largest Swedish island. Hisingen is bordered to the east and south by Gota alv river, with Kattegal to the west, and Nordre alv to the north. It is a part of the city of Gothenburg and has a population of 130,000 inhabitants. Hisingen is the most highly populated island in Sweden. Hisingen is home to the best suburbs, industries, and harbors in Gothenburg.


Varmdo is the third largest island on the eastern Swedish coast, after Oland and Gotland. Occupying an area of approximately 181 square km, Varmdo is the innermost area of the Stockholm archipelago. The western region of the island is part of the Nacka Municipality, while a significant portion of the island is part of the Varmdo Municipality. Varmdo is connected to the other parts of Nacka Municipality by a road bridge.


Situated on the Swedish west coast in the Bohusian province, Tjorn is the sixth biggest island in the country. The island has an area of 148 square km and a population of 15,774 people. The island is connected to the town of Stenungsund in the east by the Tjorn Bridge. To the north, Tjorn is connected to the island of Orust by the Skapesund bridge. The island has big shell banks and beautiful scenery.

The Largest Islands of Sweden

1Gotland2994 km²
2Öland1347 km²
3Orust346 km²
4Hisingen199 km²
5Värmdö181 km²
6Tjörn148 km²
7Väddö and Björkö128 km²
8Fårö113 km²
9Selaön95 km²
10Gräsö93 km²
11Svartsjölandet82 km²
12Hertsön73 km²
13Alnön68 km²
14Ekerö and Munsö68 km²
15Tosterön-Aspön66 km²
16Ingarö63 km²
17Ljusterö62 km²
18Torsö62 km²
19Ammerön60 km²
20Kållandsö57 km²

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