The Largest Clocks in the World

By Geoffrey Migiro on April 10 2018 in World Facts

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Editorial credit: Abrar Sharif /

The largest clock in the world according to Guinness World records is the one designed by Jim Bowers. Bower’s watch has a diameter of about 1.75 miles and a clock face area of approximately 3.25 mi². It was created using hour towers and lasers. The hour towers were set in a circle with the laser in the middle. The length of the minute/hour/second arms is 1.02 miles. Bower’s clock has three lasers (seconds/minutes/hour) with its central tower acting as the sundial during daytime and casting its shadow over the fourteen numbered granite slabs which are embedded on the ground. Marcus Hertlein, a laser physician, engineered the clock's mechanism.

The Largest Clock Faces in the World

1) Abraj Al Bait

The Abraj Al-Bait is a government mega tall complex which has seven skyscraper hotels in Mecca. The central tower which is known as the Makkah Royal Clock Tower holds the biggest clock face in the world. It is the fifth tallest free-standing and third largest structure in the world. The construction of the world’s newest large clock ended in 2010. All the clock’s faces have a diameter of 141 ft and are illuminated by about two million LED-light. The clock is on a 1,972 ft high complex with 120 floors.

2) Istanbul Cevahir

The second largest clock in the world is on the large glass roof of the Istanbul Cevahir Mall in Sisi district, Istanbul. The clock has a diameter of 104.99 ft and it was designed to beat the record set by the Flower clock which is in Tehran. Constructed in 2005, the digits of the clock are about 10 feet high. The mall had the largest leasable area in Europe from 2005 to 2011 and it is one of the largest malls in the world.

3) Floral Clock

Surat’s floral clock is the largest botanical clock and the third largest in the world. The clock is Surat India exceeds the garden clock in Switzerland by about 7.2 ft. The clock is made up of plantations and soil and has a diameter of about 79.72 ft with each of its hand weighing 1,763 pounds. About 25% of the clock’s area has a reinforced concrete slab where its machinery is fitted. Chennai-based clock India Company built the clock on a 22.98 acre land which was donated by the Navin Fluorine Company.

4) Central do Brasil Clock

The fourth largest clock-face in the world is on a 443 ft tall tower in Central do Brasil train station in Rio de Janeiro. The station is the last train stop of the railway network in Rio and it links the city with Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. The train station serves as an important transportation hub in io de Janeiro since it offers a connection to the city’s bus station and the subway system. It has a 65.6 ft diameter clock face, and it was built in 1943. The clock sits near the top of the tower.

5) Duquesne Brewery Clock

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Duquesne Brewery Clock was the world’s biggest singled faced clock when it was built in 1933. The clock’s face has been used to advertise various brands over the years including Coca-Cola. The watch has a 60 ft-by-60 ft face with a 25 ft hour hand and a 35 ft minute hand. John Franklin designed the clock, and it is powered by a 1.25 horsepower Janett motor. Audichron built it in Georgia and then shipped to Pittsburgh. Before being purchased by Duquesne Brewery Company in 1961, the clock was on the Hillside of Mt Washington and it displayed advertisements for various beverages. The clock advertised different brands until 2017.

Benefits of Large Clock Faces

Other than telling time these clocks are national monuments. These clock towers are lasting landmarks with some of the famous ones being Elizabeth tower (Big Ben) in London, Zytglogge tower in Switzerland, and Rajabai tower in India. Over the years, some of these clock faces have been used for advertisement purposes like the Duquesne Brewery Clock.

The Largest Clocks in the World

RankClock LocationDiameter (Metres)
1Abraj AL Bait TowersMecca, Saudi Arabia43
2Istanbul Cevahir Istanbul, Turkey36
3Floral ClockSurat, India24.2
4Cenral do Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil20
5Duquesne Brewery ClockPittsburgh, USA 18
6Colgate ClockJersey City, USA15.2
7Flower ClockTehran, Iran15
8Grozny-City Towers Façade ClocksGrozny, Russia13.6
9Allen-Bradley Clock TowerMilwaukee, USA12.25
10Colgate Clock Clarksville, USA12.19

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