The Largest Cities in Wales

Cardiff, the largest city in Wales.
Cardiff, the largest city in Wales.

Wales is a country that forms part of the United Kingdom. It is a part of Great Britain, and borders England to the west. According to the latest census, Wales had a population of more than 3 million. This growing population is attributed to the growth of the cities. The most populous area of Wales is in the south, which includes cities like Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport.

The Largest Cities in Wales


Cardiff is the most populated city in Wales with an estimated urban population of more than 400,000 people. Cardiff is also is the capital of Wales. Cardiff’s city status was established in the year 1905 and it was proclaimed the capital of Wales in 1955. This city forms is the most-visited in Wales. Some of the attractions include the Cardiff castle which was occupied by the Romans and the walls that date back to the 4th century. With the huge population, Cardiff has a large number of educational institutions. These institutions are well structured to cater for both Welsh and visitors.


Swansea is among the coastal cities in Wales. It is considered the second largest city in Wales. According to the last official census, Swansea was shown to have an urban population of 239,000. The growth can be attributed to the huge contribution in the 19th Century industrialization, which earned the nickname “Copperopolis.” When it comes to Sports, Swansea is homes some great football clubs that play in the Welsh league. A well-known football club is the Swansea Football Club that plays in the English league. Among other famous sports to its name include Rugby and Cricket among others.


Newport is located about 12 miles to the east of Cardiff. Newport is the third largest city in Wales with an urban population estimated at 128,000 people. It is also the most significant urban territory in Gwent County. Like Swansea, Newport is a city located on the coast. The city significantly grew in the 19th century. The city’s port has dramatically influenced its growth. The port dates far back in history and was used as the primary export point of coal in the industrial period. Newport gained city status in 2002.

Growth Of Cities In Wales

According to statistics from past events, the growth of cities in Wales is mainly due to industrialization and currently tourism. Most of these cities were formed primarily during the industrialization era. People around the Welsh community migrated to significant towns in search of jobs and better opportunities. During the 19th century, the cities, by then towns, transformed considerably both by size and population.

The Largest Cities in Wales

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