The Best Neighborhoods in New York City

New York City's Greenwich Village has many historic brownstone buildings.
New York City's Greenwich Village has many historic brownstone buildings.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining a place to live. Such factors include the people in the neighborhood, amenities within living proximity, physical features in the environment, and safety. Taking these factors into consideration, these are the top ten neighborhoods in New York City.

10. Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a diverse neighborhood that is inhabited by around 30,145 residents. Although occupants are mostly students and the young working class, New Yorkers of all ages can be found in the neighborhood. Its prime location offers a quick commute to Wall Street, Union Square, and other destinations easily through the city's efficient subway system. The neighborhood also boasts some of the best private schools in the city, such as Our Lady of Pompeii, high end restaurants, shopping malls, and is an entertainment hub.

9. Riverdale

Riverdale is an ideal neighbourhood for upper income middle class families or individuals. The neighbourhood is home to about 48,049 people. It is rated as a crime free neighbourhood and the environment is great for raising children. Housing prices are affordable for the working class and the transportation system in the neighbourhood is very reliable. Riverdale also takes pride in being home to leading private schools, Ivy Preparatory School League members, and top ranking Jewish schools. The neighbourhood also has three parks, several churches and synagogues, various community organisations, and two museums.

8. Morningside Heights

The green environment of Morningside Heights and its fine pre-war buildings make it a very charming neighbourhood. Institutions and schools take up more than 50% of the neighborhood's total area. These institution include Columbia University. The area has a residency of approximately 40,000 occupants, which are both students and professionals. Morningside Heights has laws regulating noisy businesses in the area, making it ideal for family settlement. The neighbourhood is located between two spectacular parks, Morningside and Riverside. Other amenities include churches, libraries, and high profile restaurants, like the Hungarian Pastry Shop.

7. Chelsea

The neighbourhood of Chelsea is home to about 66,787 New Yorkers. It is a great place to settle for families and the housing rates are fairly good. The majority of residents live in rented apartments, but buying a house in Chelsea offers good rates. The neighbourood’s security is fairly high and the crime rate is low. In terms of amenities, the area has very good public schools, great health and fitness amenities, and a vibrant night life. The neighborhood also offers many outdoor activities and transportation options.

6. Harlem

Harlem is a highly recommended neighborhood for families in New York. Apartments are spacious and priced fairly. For the working class, it is easy to commute to work and amenities of all sorts are located within the neighbourhood. Entertainment options are diverse, including summer concerts, arts at the Apollo Theatre, night clubs, a school of arts, and sports at Riverbank State Park, among others. In terms of security and crime rate, the neighbourhood does not perform too highly, but it is still a fairly safe area.

5. Astoria

The neighbourhood of Astoria has a diverse population of about 78,793 residents. It is a commercial area and is ideal for middle income earners. The streets are ideal for walk-ups and the shopping experience in the area is highly commendable since goods are not very expensive. Astoria is famous for its beer gardens and the famous Museum of the Moving Image. It also has entertainment options for the whole family, as well as great restaurants and night clubs.

4. Flushing

Flushing is a neighborhood in Queens that is made up of a residential area and a commercial hub in its downtown. It is surrounded by top rated schools, and the neighborhood's crime rat is also low. Residents come from diverse backgrounds and it is a great place to live for both individuals and family units. Top notch restaurants and commendable food stalls can also be found. Housing costs are fair in the neighbourhood.

3. Park Slope

Park Slope has very attractive green spaces and commendable socialisation places, like parks and public gardens. Residents live in brownstones or apartment buildings on the east-west streets, while commercial enterprises are located on Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue. The neighbourhood has historic buildings, shops, high end restaurants, and bars. It is also located close to Prospect Park. The area is safe and the public transport system is very reliable. The environment is also conducive for business and the neighbourhood’s social policy is great.

2. Kips Bay

Kips Bay is a friendly and quiet neighbourhood compared to its surrounding areas. It is ideal for families and older generations because of its calm atmosphere. The safety of the neighbourhood is commendable and Union Square and Gramercy Park are nearby. Commuting in Kips Bay is much cheaper compared to other neighbourhoods, since most amenities are located within walking distance. Shopping prices are also affordable, and there is easy access to great restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs, movie theatres, and music venues.

1. Bushwick

Bushwick is a neighborhood that has a diverse population, as Hispanics make up 15% of the population. It is an ideal place to settle for families and a good neighbourhood to raise children. Inhabitants are people in the workforce, so the area is generally calm. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and South American food outlets. You can exercise in the many fitness studios and gyms, visit galleries, or shop around the neighbourhood. However, rents are a bit higher than most neighbourhoods and the area is not free of crime.


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