The 10 Longest Rivers in Georgia

Chattahoochee River is the largest river running through the state of Georgia.
Chattahoochee River is the largest river running through the state of Georgia.

Georgia is a state in the southeastern region of the US with a terrain that includes mountains, farmlands, beaches, rivers, and many other features. There are numerous rivers within the state which drain into different basins such as the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. While most of the rivers drain into the aforementioned basins, there are two small rivers within the state that were given the same name as the mythical River Styx. Both of these small rivers drain into the Savannah River watershed for one of them while the other drains into the St. Mary’s River watershed.

Longest Rivers in Georgia

This list is topped by the Chattahoochee River which has an approximate length of 430 miles. The second position is occupied by the Flint River which has a length of about 344 miles and it is followed closely by the Savannah River with a length of about 301 miles. The Ogeechee River and the Coosa River are in the fourth and the fifth position with lengths of about 294 miles and 280 miles respectively. In the last position, the Oconee River has a length of about 221 miles.

Chattahoochee River

This river, which is known as the Apalachicola River in Florida, makes up part of the boundary between Alabama and Georgia. The river’s main tributary is the Apalachicola River and it starts at a location close to Jacks Knob in Union County. Together with Flint and Apalachicola rivers, the river makes up the Apalachicola–Chattahoochee–Flint River Basin (ACF basin). The largest part of the basin is formed by the Chattahoochee River. Eventually, all these rivers empty their contents in the Gulf of Mexico. Flooding has not been a pressing issue with the last major flood coming in September 2009.

Flint River

Aside from its high placement up in the list, the Flint River is also of interest because it is the longest river in the state of Georgia among all the rivers that start and end within the state. An area in western Georgia with a size of about 8,460 square miles is drained by the river which begins from the upper Piedmont area in Atlanta. The river, also part of the ACF basin, flows through a scenic route which has no impediments for a whole 200 miles of the total 344 miles.

Oconee River

The Oconee River is the shortest river on this list with a length of 221 miles (356 kilometers). The river originates in Georgia’s Hall County and ends when it links up with the Ocmulgee River. Together, the two make up the Altamaha River which empties into the majestic Atlantic Ocean. The course of the river makes up several geographic features such as oxbow lakes and sandbars. Certain bacteria have infested the water and caused some major pollution. Human activities have also contributed to its pollution.

Savannah River

One of the rivers named after the mythical Styx drains into this river’s watershed. The river starts at Lake Hartwell until it finally drains into the Atlantic. A huge part of the Georgia and South Carolina border is marked by this river whose main tributaries are the rivers Tugaloo and the Chattooga.

The 10 Longest Rivers in Georgia

RankRiverLength (miles)Length (km)
1Chattahoochee River430690
2Flint River 344554
3Savannah River301484
4Ogeechee River294473
5Coosa River 280450
6Tallapoosa River 265426
7Ocmulgee River255410
8Suwannee River246396
9Satilla River235378
10Oconee River221356

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