The 10 Best US States To Live In

Downtown Iowa City, Iowa at twilight. Editorial credit: David Harmantas /
Downtown Iowa City, Iowa at twilight. Editorial credit: David Harmantas /

A recent report by the U.S News ranked Switzerland the best country to live based on several factors such as adventure, citizenship, cultural, influence, Entrepreneurship, heritage, movers, business environment, power, and quality of life. Canada ranked second, Germany and the UK ranked third and fourth respectively. Japan and Sweden ranked fifth and sixth while Australia ranked seventh. The United States ranked eight, one spot ahead of France and two above the Netherlands. The report also detailed the best states to live in in the U.S.

The 10 Best US States To Live In

TThe report ranked Iowa the best state to live in 2018. The state ranked first in infrastructure and third in healthcare. It ranked fourth in opportunities and the 9th best state in terms of the quality of life. The state however ranked 15th in crime and correction and 21st in fiscal stability. Minnesota came in second but the state did not rank first in any of the variables used to determine the ranked. It ranked second in the quality of life after North Dakota and third in opportunities. Its infrastructure was ranked sixth while its health care was the 7th best in the county. The state’s worst ranking was in Economy (20) and fiscal stability (24).

Utah ranked third in the country. It was ranked the best financial stable state and the second best economy. Its education policy ranked third while its infrastructure was ranked eighth. However, it performed dismally in opportunities (35) and average in the quality of life (22). North Dakota ranked fourth in the country. It ranked the state with the best quality of life and second in infrastructure. Its education ranked tenth while its healthcare ranked fourteenth. It ranked second in fiscal stability, but its economy was ranked 19th.

New Hampshire ranked the fifth best state to live. It was ranked the state with the best opportunities and second in crime and correction after Maine. Its education and quality of life were both ranked fourth while its healthcare ranked thirteenth. The state was ranked average in fiscal stability (26) and dismally in infrastructure (37). Washington State ranked 6th in the country. The state has the second best health care in the U.S after Hawaii and the third best economy. It ranked fourth in economy and sixth in education.

Nebraska ranked seventh. Its highest rank was education (9) while its worst rank was its economy (21). Its healthcare ranked nineteenth while the infrastructure ranked ninth. Its economy was ranked average (21), and its fiscal stability ranked eleventh. Massachusetts ranked eight, but its education was ranked the best in the country. Its healthcare ranked fifth while the economy was ranked ninth. It ranked fifth in crime and correction. However, the state ranked dismally in infrastructure (45) and fiscal stability (40).

Vermont and Colorado ranked the ninth and tenth best states to live in respectively. Colorado’s economy was ranked the best while Vermont ranked 31st. In healthcare, Vermont ranked sixth while Colorado ranked ninth. Vermont fared better in opportunities (6) while Colorado ranked 28th.

States With the Best Quality of Life

North Dakota offered the best quality of life in the country followed by Minnesota. Wisconsin ranked third while New Hampshire ranked fourth. South Dakota ranked fifth while Mississippi ranked 6th. California ranked fiftieth, one spot above New Jersey.

The 10 Best US States To Live In

RankStateHealth CareEducationEconomyOpportunityInfrastructureCrime & CorrectionsFiscal StabilityQuality of Life
1 Iowa35174115219
2 Minnesota713203611242
3 Utah103235814122
4 North Dakota1410191722321
5 New Hampshire134111372264
6 Washington263274392721
7 Nebraska19921139191114
8 Massachusetts519144554025
9 Vermont683163571626
10 Colorado92012814293110

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