Tallest Buildings in North Korea

View of Pyongyang skyline including the Ryugyong Hotel.
View of Pyongyang skyline including the Ryugyong Hotel.

North Korea is an East Asian nation which occupies the northern parts of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea is bordered by China, Russia, and South Korea. North Korea has some of the tallest buildings in the Korean Peninsula with a majority of their skyscrapers being in Pyongyang. Pyongyang is the largest and the capital city of North Korea. Pyongyang has the best skyline in the country. Other than Pukmang Tower 1 which is in Wonsan, all the other top fifteen tallest structures are in Pyongyang.

Tallest Buildings in North Korea

Ryugong Hotel

Ryugyong Hotel, also known as 105 Building, is a 1,080 ft tall unfinished pyramid-shaped structure which is in Pyongyang. The 105-story structure will be a mixed-use development. Construction of this structure began in 1987, but it stopped in 1992, due to an economic crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union. Construction resumed in 2008, and by 2011 the exterior part was completed. It is the tallest unfinished structure in the world. Ryugong Hotel was not surpassed by any other new hotel until the spire on Rose Tower (Dubai) was completed in 2009. It has the tenth most floors in the world, and it is the sixty-third tallest structure. It would have held the record of the tallest hotel had it been opened in June 1989. The hotel has three wings, and each measure about 59 ft wide by 330 ft tall. It holds the Guinness record of the tallest uninhabited building in the world.

Ryomyong Condominiums

The Ryomyong Condominiums are the tallest inhabited structures in the country. Ryomyong Condominiums include six towers with the tallest being 890 ft tall. The Ryomyong Condominium 1 is the second tallest skyscraper in the country. Ryomyong Condominium 1 has 82 floors while the second one has 70 floors. Construction of these towers began in April 2016 and ended in 2017 with the shortest of all the towers ranking fourteenth in the country. Ryomyong Condominium 2 is the third largest structure in North Korea.

Yanggakdo International Hotel

The Yanggkdo International is the tallest operational hotel in North Korea. The 560 ft tall skyscraper ranks eighth in North Korea, and it has a revolving hotel on its forty-seventh floor and about a thousand rooms. It is on Yanggak Island which is approximately 1.2 miles from Pyongyang’s city center. The Yanggakdo International Hotel was the second tallest structure in the country until 2015 when it was surpassed by the Taedong Residences 1 and the Mirae Unha Tower. It is the North Korea’s first luxurious hotel whose construction began in 1986 and ended in 1992.

Other Tall Buildings in North Korea

All the top ten skyscrapers in North Korea are over 509 ft tall with Mansudae Apartments ranking tenth. The 45-story Mansudae Apartments were opened in 2012. Kim Chaek University of Technology towers are both 541 ft tall and the ninth tallest in the country. The 564 ft tall Taedong Residences 1 ranks seventh while the 53-story Mirae Unha Tower is ranked fourth. The second tallest operational North Korean hotel is Koryo Hotel. The twin-towered hotel has 43-stories, and it was erected in 1985. Koyro Hotel was the tallest occupied structure in the country until 1995 when Yanggakdo International Hotel was opened.

Tallest Buildings in North Korea

RankBuildingHeight (m)
1Ryugyong Hotel330
2Ryomyong Condominium 1270
3Ryomyong Condominium 2 240
4Mirae Unha Tower210
5Ryomyong Condominium 3210
6Ryomyong Condominium 4200
7Taedong Residences 1172
8Yanggakdo International Hotel170
9Kim Chaek University of Technology Tower 1165
10Kim Chaek University of Technology Tower 2165

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