Tallest Buildings in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to the tallest buildings in the state of Indiana.
Indianapolis is home to the tallest buildings in the state of Indiana.

Indianapolis is found in the Midwestern United States region in the East North Central. It is located in Indiana, and is the state's most populous city and capital. Indianapolis is home to not only the tallest building in the state of Indiana, but the tallest building in the Midwest aside from Chicago and Cleveland. In fact, 30 of the 40 tallest buildings in the state are found here. The following examines the tallest buildings in Indianapolis.

Tallest Buildings in Indianapolis

Salesforce Tower

This building is located near Indianapolis’ Monument Circle. It used to be called Bank One Tower before changing to Chase Tower. Originally, it was conceived as American Fletcher Tower. It was conceived by Frank McKinney, Jr in the late 70s. Before its construction, the OneAmerica Tower (then called the AUL Tower) was the tallest. This tower is the 230th tallest building worldwide while in the US it is the 44th. It is 811 feet high with 49 floors.

OneAmerica Tower

This building was opened in 1982 and was the tallest till 1190 when OneAmerica was built. It has 38 stories and has been used by various companies. Located at 200 North Illinois Street, this tower boasts ‘The Skyline Club’, a private restaurant that is on the 36th floor. It measures 533 feet.

Regions Tower

This tower is also called One Indiana Square. Built at 211 North Pennsylvania Street, the 36-storied building provides offices for different companies. It used to be called Indiana National Bank Tower from 1970 upon completion to 1989 when in changed to NBD Tower. In 1998 it also changed to Union Planters Tower before being renamed to Regions Tower in 2004. It closely follows OneAmerica Tower with a height of 504 feet.

Market Tower

Market Tower is found at the Market and Illinois streets corner. With 32 floors, it is the tallest among concrete reinforced towers in Indiana. Its construction ended in 1988 costing more than 92 million dollars. The height of market Tower is 421 feet.

300 North Meridian

The building of 300 North Meridian began in 1987 and ended in 1989. Browning Investments financed it while Haldeman Miller and Bregman Hamann were the architects. The building is 408 feet tall and has 28 floors which are majorly used as office space.

The BMO Plaza

In the sixth position we have the BMO Plaza which was once known as the M&I Plaza. It was started in 1986 and was completed in April 1988. When the building was opened, it was called First Indiana Plaza and had the First Indiana Federal Saving Bank as their major tenant.

Other Notable Buildings in Indianapolis

There are several other buildings in Indianapolis that, while not the tallest, are notable for other reasons. JW Marriot Indianapolis, the seventh-tallest building is Indianapolis, is Indiana’s tallest hotel building. It is 376 feet tall with 34 floors. Its construction was completed in 2011. Another notable building in Indianapolis is the Indianapolis International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower. It only has 6 floors but measures 348 feet high. It is the 9th tallest air traffic control tower in the world and the 2nd tallest in the US.

Tallest Buildings in Indianapolis

RankBuilding NameHeight (ft)Height (m)FloorsYear Built
1Salesforce Tower811247491990
2OneAmerica Tower533162381982
3Regions Tower504154361970
4Market Tower421128321988
5300 North Meridian408124281989
6BMO Plaza401122311988
7JW Marriott Indianapolis376115342011
8City-County Building372113281962
9101 West Ohio360110221987
10Indianapolis International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower34810662005
11AT&T Building32198221932
12Capital Center South Tower31195221987
13Hilton Indianapolis30292181971
14Riley Towers I29590301963
15Riley Towers II29590301963
16Conrad Indianapolis28787232006
17AT&T 220 Building28487231974
18Market Square Center28386201975
19Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital28085112013
20Lucas Oil Stadium2708272008

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