Religious Beliefs In Luxembourg

The spires of a Catholic church in Luxembourg.
The spires of a Catholic church in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a secular nation located in Western Europe. The landlocked nation is bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. Despite being a secular country, certain religions like Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Lutheranism, Islam, and more are officially recognized by the state as officially mandated religions. Collection of statistics on religious affiliations and practices of the people of the country has been banned in the country since 1980. However, according to an estimation by the CIA Factbook in 2000, Catholic Christians account for 87% of the population of the country. Another estimate by the Pew Research Center in 2010 mentions that Christians constitute 70.4% of the population of Luxembourg. Muslims, unaffiliated, and other religions (Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, folk religions) account for 2.3%, 26.8%, and 0.5% of the population of the country, respectively. As per a Eurobarometer poll, 22% of the population of Luxembourg do not believe in any God.

Christianity, The Largest Religion In Luxembourg

Christianity spread in Luxembourg from the city of Trier. The urban areas were the first to be Christianised. Paganism prevailed in the rural and remote areas for a long time even after the arrival of Christianity in the country. However, by the Middle Ages, Christianity was well-established in the area. Since 1801, the state has supported the Catholic Church in Luxembourg.

Protestantism is also practiced by a significant section of the country’s population. Several denominations and churches of Protestantism are active in Luxembourg. The Church of England and the Protestant Church of Luxembourg are some of the largest churches of Protestantism in the country. Protestantism can be regarded as the biggest minority religion in Luxembourg. There are about 15,000 to 18,000 persons adhering to the religion here. The number accounts for about 3.5% of the national population.

Islam In Luxembourg

Islam is one of the officially recognized religions in the country. The Muslim community constitutes one of the biggest minority religions in Luxembourg. The Muslim population of the country has sharply risen over the past few decades. It was only about 300 in the mid-1970’s. Two decades later, the population was more than 3,000. Asylum seekers from former Yugoslavia have been the top source of Muslim immigrants in Luxembourg. Six mosques currently exist in the country.

Judaism In Luxembourg

Judaism is the longest practiced minority religion in Luxembourg. The religion has had a presence in the country since the 13th century. There are about 1,200 practicing Jews in the country today.

The Prevalence Of Irreligion In Luxembourg

The irreligious population of the country has significantly increased over the years. There are several organizations that encourage people without beliefs in any particular faith to come forward and unite. Such organizations intend to unite the atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and other irreligious individuals under one umbrella.


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