Prime Ministers and Premiers of Peru Since 1945

Government Palace in Lima, Peru.
Government Palace in Lima, Peru.

Peru is a country found in the western half of South America. Lima is the capital and largest city. The president is the head of state, and the government is elected for a term of five years. The constitution does not allow one to be a president for two consecutive terms. The President appoints a Prime Minister with whom they appoint the other members of the cabinet. 

Prime Ministers of Peru

Rafael Belaunde Diez Canseco

Rafael was born in 1885 and died in 1972 at the age of 87 years. He was the son of Mariano Andres de la Torre. He was appointed the prime minister on July 28th, 1945, and served for only six months until January of 1946.

Fernando Zavala Lombardi

Canseco is a Bachelor’s Degree holder who attended the University of the Pacific, having studied economics at the university. He also obtained two masters degrees from the University of Piura and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Before joining politics, he held several positions in the corporate sector including acting as the assistant manager of Samtronics, and the Chief of IPSOS Peru which is a consulting and pollster firm. In 1995, he was appointed to the post of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOP) until late 2000. He has also served as the vice president of a big beer production firm, and later as the president of the national brewery. In 2005, he was appointed as the Minister of Economy and Finance, a position he held until 2006. He was appointed as the prime minister in June of 2016.

Pedro Cateriano

He was born in 1958 in Lima, and is a professional constitutional lawyer. He joined politics in 1990 when he was elected as a member of parliament until 1992. He rejoined politics in 2001 where he was made the Organization of American States election observer in Guatemala. He became the minister of defense in 2012 and was later appointed the prime minister in April of 2015. He resigned as the premier on the 28th of July in 2016.

Oscar Eduardo Valdes Dancuart

He was born in Lima in the year 1949, and was educated at the Chorrillos Military school. He later joined the Peruvian Army. Thereafter, he became an instructor at the Chorrillos Military Academy himself after taking on a course teaching command and staff. Oscar resigned from the army in 1991 and started working in the private sector. He was appointed the prime minister in 2011 but was sacked after he took a very tough stance against protesters in the controversial Conga mining project. He was accused of militarizing of the government which caused an uproar among human rights activists.

​Role of the Prime Minister of Peru

The prime minister is the president of the Peruvian Cabinet and presides over the meetings of the Cabinet. Together with the cabinet, they have three significant roles in the country. They approve the laws submitted by the President to the Congress, approve legislative decrees and also deliberate on any subject that is of public interest.

Prime Ministers and Premiers of Peru Since 1945

Prime Ministers and Premiers of Peru Since 1945Term(s) in Office
Rafael Belaúnde Diez Canseco1945-1946
Julio Ernesto Portugal Escobedo1946-1947
José R. Alzamora FreundtJanuary-October of 1947
Roque Augusto Saldías ManinatFebruary-June of 1948; 1954-1956
Armando Revoredo IglesiasJune-October of 1948
Zenón Noriega Agüero1950-1954
Manuel Cisneros Sánchez1956-1958
Luis Gallo Porras1958-1959
Pedro Gerardo Beltrán Espantoso1959-1961
Carlos Moreyra y Paz Soldán1961-1962
Nicolás Lindley López1962-1963
Julio Óscar Trelles MontesJuly-December of 1963
Fernando Schwalb López Aldana1963-1965; 1983-1984
Daniel Becerra de la Flor1965-1967
Edgardo Seoane CorralesSeptember-November of 1967
Raúl Ferrero Rebagliati1967-1968
Oswaldo Hercelles GarcíaMay-October of 1968
Miguel Mujica GalloOctober of 1968
Ernesto Montagne Sánchez1968-1973
Luis Edgardo Mercado Jarrín1973-1975
Francisco Morales BermúdezFebruary-August of 1975
Óscar Vargas Prieto1975-1976
Jorge Fernández Maldonado SolariJanuary-July of 1976
Guillermo Arbulú Galliani1976-1978
Óscar Molina Pallochia1978-1979
Pedro Richter Prada1979-1980
Manuel Ulloa Elías1980-1983
Sandro Mariátegui ChiappeApril-October of 1984
Luis Ciro Pércovich Roca1984-1985
Luis Juan Alva Castro1985-1987
Guillermo Larco Cox1987-1988; 1989-1990
Armando Villanueva del Campo1988-1989
Luis Alberto Felix SánchezMay-September of 1989
Juan Carlos Hurtado Miller1990-1991
Carlos Torres y Torres LaraFebruary-November of 1991
Alfonso de los Heros Perez Alba1991-1992
Óscar de la Puente Raygada1992-1993
Alfonso Bustamante y Bustamante1993-1994
Efraín Goldenberg Schreiber1994-1995
Dante Córdova Blanco1995-1996
Alberto Pandolfi Arbulú1996-1998; 1998-1999
Javier Valle Riestra González OlacheaJune-August of 1998
Víctor Dionicio Joy Way RojasJanuary-October of 1999
José Alberto Bustamante Belaúnde1999-2000
Federico Salas Guevara SchultzJuly-November of 2000
Javier Pérez de Cuéllar2000-2001
Roberto Enrique Dañino Zapata2001-2002
Luis Solari De La Fuente2002-2003
Martha Beatriz Merino LuceroJune-December of 2003
Carlos Ferrero Costa2003-2005
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard2005-2006
Jorge del Castillo Gálvez2006-2008
Yehude Simon Munaro2008-2009
Javier Velásquez2009-2010
José Antonio Chang2010-2011
Rosario FernándezMarch-July of 2011
Salomón Lerner GhitisJuly-December of 2011
Oscar Valdés2011-2012
Juan Jiménez Mayor2012-2013
César Villanueva2013-2014
René CornejoFebruary-July of 2014
Ana Jara2014-2015
Pedro Cateriano2015-2016
Fernando Zavala Lombardi2016-2017
Mercedes Araoz Fernandez2017-2018
Cesar Villaneuva2018-2019
Martin Vizcarra 2019
Salvador del Solar2019

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