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Unique rock formations of Pointe des Châteaux.
Unique rock formations of Pointe des Châteaux.

La Pointe des Châteaux is a peninsula in Guadeloupe that stretches all the way into the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern coast of Grand-Terre. To narrow it down a bit, the peninsula has a good view of an island known as La Désirade and is about seven miles from a commune of France known as Saint-François. La Pointe des Châteaux has some unique rock designs as well as a host to some mesmerizing flora and fauna. In fact, some flora and fauna are native to the peninsula.


The peninsula’s tip initially had a cross from the year 1951 but it was replaced with an even bigger cross that has a height of almost 33 feet and weighs about nine tons. From the vantage point of this cross, the entire peninsula, the crossing whales during spring, as well as surrounding islands can be seen. These islands include Little Earth, The Saints, and the earlier mentioned La Désirade.

The peninsula’s history can be traced all the way back to 300 CE when the Arawak people of Indian descent made the region their home. According to the interpretation of the evidence found, these people lived in the peninsula for almost eleven centuries until 1400.


In Guadeloupe, there are several other sites that attract an average number of half a million visitors from all around the world every year. However, it is crucial to state that La Pointe des Châteaux is by far the most popular tourist destination. Another thing to keep in mind is that the name “La Pointe des Châteaux” translates to “the tip of castles.” Despite the name, there are no actual castles in the peninsula. The name originated from the Capuccins, a highly religious community who made the first parish in the peninsula in 1683. The parish was given the name “parish of castles” which is another unofficial name for La Pointe des Châteaux.

Activities around the site and Guadeloupe as a whole have to include hiking. With gorgeous sites of nature and the beautiful relaxing conditions, visitors easily fall in love with the place. A walking tour will usually pass by the location of the initially mentioned monumental cross and obviously the beach. There are no difficulties in walking as the paths and stairs are clearly visible.

La Plage des Grandes Salines

A mention of La Pointe des Châteaux almost invariably brings about the topic of La Plage des Grandes Salines, a nearby site to the west of the former site. La Plage des Grandes Salines is a dangerous yet popular site. People who enjoy flying kites usually enjoy the place although the treacherous terrain and strong winds make it dangerous. Swimming is not really popular around this particular site due to the conditions.


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