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Huge boulders have created stunning pools.
Huge boulders have created stunning pools.

In the Caribbean island known as Virgin Gorda, which is among the British Virgin Islands, there is a marvel known as The Baths. The Baths is an exquisite natural feature that includes several exotic pools and other jaw-dropping sights that have been formed by enormous boulders that lie on the sandy beaches. The other sights include the likes of several hidden compartments whose only sources of light are small to medium-sized openings and other marvels.

5. Location and Formation

The Baths are located approximately 1.2 miles from Spanish Town. Spanish Town is situated between Devil’s Bay and Spring Bay, both of which lie at the south of the island. Due to its distinctiveness, The Baths has become the most popular geological formation among tourists who visit the serene British Virgin Islands. For the most part, The Baths’ formation can be attributed to volcanic activity in the area. Another process that can be used to explain the formation of The Baths is none other than erosion. During the formation of the massive granite boulders, several materials on the earth’s surface were eroded and eventually exposed on the sandy beaches. Granite is usually formed when magma cools at certain temperatures beneath the surface of the earth. For these rocks to be exposed to the earth’s surface, erosion has to take place on the top layers of the earth which eventually exposes the lower rocks that have come to be known as the Baths. The process did not stop at the exposure of the granite. Erosion continued to work aggressively on the newly exposed rough granite. Eventually, the granite’s edges became rounded and smooth. Others were isolated while others were hollowed out thus leading to the formation of the several hidden compartments. Among the several features that this erosive action formed include the likes of tidal pools, marvelous grottos, smooth majestic arches, as well as plenty of tunnels. Experts have established that some of the rocks are as huge as 40 feet in length. The popularity and uniqueness of the site as well as nearby natural marvels led to the establishment of the general region as a National Park of the British Virgin Islands in 1990.

4. Uniqueness

While talking about the uniqueness of The Baths, one cannot ignore the simple majesty of the enormous boulders and the crisp white beaches in Virgin Gorda. With some of the biggest boulders averaging about 40 feet in length and the precarious way that some of them are stacked on top of one another, one cannot help but be mesmerized. In addition to all this, the site is surrounded by other equally fascinating sites such as Devil’s Bay. Visitors who enjoy hiking will particularly love getting to Devil’s Bay by foot through the use of some hidden trails.

Even at the entrance of The Baths, a unique feature greets the visitors. There is a magnificent hotel that offers a perfect panoramic view of The Baths while visitors are relaxing and soaking in the sun. The entrance also offers some splendid sites for watching the moon rise in all its glory. Lovers of architecture will also be mesmerized by some unique villas that are designed to integrate with the natural positioning of the rocks. These unique villas are located below the baths on the way to Yacht Harbor. The water near the baths has a sparkling-like appearance which adds to the uniqueness of The Baths.

3. Habitat

Being on an island, the habitat is unsurprisingly dominated by marine life. Examples of the plenty of fish species that live around the area include the likes of lobsters, the dangerous jellyfish, conch, crabs, yellowtails, mahi mahi, red snapper, wahoo, and hundreds of other species. Other species include whales, dolphins, reef and coral fish, turtles, and many more. Vegetation around The Baths revolves around the common palm trees and coconut trees.

2. Tourism

Naturally, such a gorgeous marvel cannot go unnoticed by tourists and nature lovers from all around the globe. The Baths are the main attraction in the British Virgin Islands and they have a huge following of visitors from all around the world every year. Most visitors get to Virgin Gorda by boat or through the use of a chartered plane that may have been organized by the hotels or personally chartered. After reaching Virgin Gorda, there are a number of modes that they can use to traverse and take in the majesty and splendor of the site.

In terms of timing, The Baths has warm to hot temperatures for the most part of the year with temperatures averaging between 70°F and 80°F. For this reason, people will always be found flocking to the islands for some vacation time. The most popular activities include swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. Despite the great weather conditions that prevail throughout the year, the region has its high season between the months of December and April. Naturally, this is also the period when the rates are at their highest. Lower rates are available between the months of June and November. Despite this latter period being frequented by hurricanes, some people plan their trips around that time in order to avoid paying higher prices.

While at The Baths, visitors can be guaranteed some of the best cuisines and lodging facilities that are on offer. Some of the luxury hotels include Little Dix Bay, The Bitter End Yacht Club, Biras Creek, and other resorts. Guavaberry Spring Bay and some condos at Olde Yard Village are some instances of less expensive lodgings that the region has to offer. Naturally, fish is the most popular cuisine with popular one including lobsters, yellowtail, and a few more.

1. Threats

As is the case with most natural things in the world, human beings present the greatest threat. The desire of people to explore and expand on the profits that the site generates has undoubtedly led to the destruction of several natural features in order to facilitate the erection of structures such as the luxury hotels. Pollution and disturbance of natural habitats is also a threat that humans pose. In addition to human beings, nature may also pose a threat to the site. Erosion may very well be what formed The Baths but it may also be its undoing over a long time.


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