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An airplane featuring the iconic colors of Southwest Airlines.
An airplane featuring the iconic colors of Southwest Airlines.

Airlines are known to have varied reputations around the world. When identifying the best airline to use, an individual looks at various factors including customer service, handling of luggage, and cost of travel to make their decision. The occurrence of flight delays and cancellations by a particular airline is another factor taken into account when making a decision. Due to the inconvenience delayed flights cause, airlines have focused on trying to minimize flight delays as much as they can. The analysis below gives focus on the airlines that were rated the top ten in the category of time availability by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

10. Spirit Airlines - 72.31% on time

Spirit Airlines is an ultra low-cost carrier with its headquarters in Miramar, Florida. Most of Spirit's flights are scheduled in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. According to the Department of Transport, Spirit had the least number of customer complaints in 2008. Spirit flies to over 61 destinations in North, Central, and South America. The airline operates on the low-cost competitive model as a way of attracting more customers.

9. American Eagle Airlines - 74.29% on time

American Eagle Airlines is a marketing brand for American Airlines who has ten airlines operating under it. These carriers include Envoy Air, PSA Airlines, and Piedmont Airlines among others. Due to the many aircrafts and airlines associated with the brand, the airlines serve various destinations across the United States and offer varying degrees of customer service. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics ranked American Eagle Airlines 9th as the most on-time airline with 74.29% of flights arriving on time.

8. Frontier Airlines - 74.84% on time

Frontier Airlines is an American airline whose headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. It operates under the competitive advantage of offering low-cost services. Frontier Airlines is a subsidiary of the Indigo Partners and serves 54 destinations in the United States. Many of its destinations are in Colorado and Florida. Between the years of 2003 and 2007, Frontier Airlines launched Airbus A318 which they used up until 2010.

7. JetBlue Airways - 75.73% on time

JetBlue Airways has its headquarters in Long Island City and mostly operates in the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Although the major destinations of this airline are within the United States, the airline serves over 101 regions of North, Central, and South America. JetBlue has also partnered with other airlines to allow for an easy switch for passengers over airlines. JetBlue has had six accidents, none of which has led to mass casualties. In the category of Most On-Time airlines, JetBlue was ranked 7th by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

6. American Airlines - 78.38% on time

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world regarding the number of fleet and destinations it covers. The airline's headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas. The airline is a major air transport in the Texas and North Carolina regions. Throughout the US, American Airlines operates ten hubs. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, American Airlines was ranked 6th as the most on-time airline.

5. Southwest Airlines - 78.57% on time

The headquarters of Southwest Airlines is in Dallas, Texas and the airline is rated as the world's biggest low-cost carrier. The airline employed a competitive strategy of offering excellent service at a low cost to attract customers. Southwest Airlines has also continually provided excellent customer service as most customers are happy with the low cost. The airline has also experienced few passenger complaints according to the Department of Transportation.

4. United Airlines - 78.53% on time

With its headquarters located in Chicago, United Airlines also operates under the brand name United Express. The airlines operate eight internal hubs in the United States, seven of which serve destinations between Hawaii and the continental parts of the United States. United Airlines has many airbuses and the Boeing aircraft that facilitate the on-time transport. The Bureau of Transport Statistics ranked the airline 4th in its research on the most on-point carrier.

3. Delta Airlines - 85.42% on time

Delta Airlines has its headquarters in Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta. The airline operates more than 5,400 daily flights. Delta is among the oldest airlines in the United States. The airlines have many subsidiaries that serve various destinations in the United States which decrease the number of delays. Delta covers 319 destinations in 54 countries daily and was the world's largest airline in 2013 regarding scheduled passengers carried.

2. Alaska Airlines - 86.7% on time

Alaska Airlines is based Seattle, Washington. It is a major air transport carrier in the United States and links many towns by its numerous flights. Alaska Airlines has always offered satisfactory customer service as well as few cancellations. It is also the only passenger airline that has a dedicated cargo plane in the United States. According to statistics by the Bureau of Transport, Alaska Airlines was ranked second for being on time with 86.7%.

1. Hawaiian Airlines - 91.26% on time

Hawaiian Airlines is the eighth largest commercial airline in the United States and the largest in Hawaii. Throughout its history, Hawaiian Airlines has never had an accident that has resulted in death. The carrier has always topped the on-time carrier list and also has the least cancellation and luggage handling issues. Hawaiian Airlines provides a daily non-stop service from the US to Hawaii as it offers flights by its wide-bodied air buses.


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