Kings Of Hashemite Jordan Since 1921

King Hussein I of Jordan.

The Kingdom of Jordan is a Middle East country located on the Eastern bank of river Jordan. The Kingdom of Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Israel, both the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, and is also strategically situated at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia. The head of state of Jordan is the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The King serves as the head of the Hashemite dynasty monarch. The Jordan monarchy was established in 1921 with Britain's help, and the Hashemite dynasty originates from Hejaz a part of present day Saudi Arabia. The Sharif of Mecca known as Hussein bin Ali's two sons were appointed as Kings of Jordan and Iraq. Abdullahi I was the King of Transjordan from April 11th, 1921 to May 25th, 1946 when Transjordan got its independence. Transjordan was later changed to Jordan in 1949.

Kings Of Hashemite Jordan Since 1921

Duties Of The King Of Jordan

The throne of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a dynasty that is hereditary through male heirs. The duties of the King include Issuing orders to hold elections of the Chamber of Deputies, convening, inaugurating, and adjourning the National Assembly in accordance with the constitution. The king also has the duty to dissolve the Chamber of Deputies, appoint the Prime Minister, and grant special pardons among other duties. Since becoming independent from Great Britain the Jordanian monarchs have been the country's Heads of State.

Abdullah I

Abdullah I was born on July 20th, 1882 in Mecca, Hejaz, and Ottoman Empire which is present day Saudi Arabia. From 1909 to 1914 Abdullah got his education in Constantinople and Hejaz and also worked as deputy for Mecca in the Ottoman legislature. In 1916-1918 Abdullah worked with the British guerrilla group and played an important part as the brains of the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman rule and leader of guerrilla raids on garrison. Abdullah was King of Jordan in both its successor state and independent state from 1921to1946 and 1946-1951 respectively. King Abdullah I was assassinated in 1951.


Talal was born on February 26th, 1909 in Mecca, Hejaz Vilayet, and he was Jordan's King and head of state from July 20th, 1951 to August 11th, 1952 when he was forced to abdicate the throne for his son Hussein because of his health. Talal joined the Royal Military College in Sandhurst where he graduated in 1929 and was commissioned as second lieutenant in the Calvary Regiment belonging to the Arab Legion. During his one year on the throne, he established a liberal constitution for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that individualized the Ministers and made a collective government.


Hussein was born on November 14th, 1935 in Amman, Jordan he was the King of Jordan following the abdication of the throne by King Talal his father in 1952 and he reigned up to 1999 when he died.King Hussein's reign saw through the Cold War and around 40 years of conflict between the Arab and Israeli. Before becoming King Hussein studied at Victoria College in Alexandria, Egypt and Harrow School in England before pursuing his further studies at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. King Hussein's reign was marked by continued efforts to secure peace in Jordan.

Abdullahi II

Abdullah II was born on January 30th, 1962 in Amman, Jordan he is the incumbent King of Jordan having assumed the throne upon his father's death in 1999. Abdullah II began his studies in Amman then later continued his education abroad. In 1994 Abdullah II was commander of Jordan's Special Forces and later became major in 1998. Abdullah II was responsible for liberating an aggressive economy till 2005 and in 2016 he introduced proportional representation in parliament and is paving the way for parliamentary government.

Kingdom Of Jordan At A Glance

The Hashemite Kingdom dynasty of Jordan originated from Saudi Arabia through King Abdullah I. Initially Transjordan was conquest territory of nearby Damascus. What followed was a long era of conflicts, oppression and the Ottoman rule. Eventually after decades of stagnation the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman rule occurred in 1916 and in 1921 King Abdullah founded the Emirate of Transjordan this leading to the establishment of the Kingdom of Hashemite Jordan and dynasty.

Kings Of Hashemite Jordan Since 1921

Hashemite Kings of Jordan Since 1921Reign
Abdullah (Abdullah I)
Abdullah II (Incumbent)1999-Present

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