Is the Dominican Republic a US Territory?

The flags of the Dominican Republic and the USA.
The flags of the Dominican Republic and the USA.

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern section of the island of Hispaniola which it shares with Haiti. It is the 2nd largest Caribbean country by area after Cuba, covering an area of approximately 18,792 square miles. The Dominican Republic has a population of approximately 10 million residents of which the majority (about 3 million) live in the capital, Santo Domingo, and the surrounding towns. Because of its close diplomatic relations with the United States since 1884, many people believe that the Dominican Republic is part of the US. However, the two are sovereign states with separate governments.

The Dominican Republic-US Relation

The Dominican Republic has had a diplomatic relationship with the US for over 135 years. The relations between the two countries has been solid but complex. Over the years, the US has carried out several military interventions and occupation of the Dominican Republic. The country is an important partner of the US in hemispheric affairs due to its position in the Caribbean as the 2nd largest economy in the region, and its proximity to the US. The two countries work together in fighting trafficking of illegal persons and substances, and extradition of fugitives. The US has worked to ensure that the Dominican Republic is a stable, democratic, and economically healthy country. The Government of the US also works with the Dominican authorities to address issues such as corruption, inefficiencies in the energy sector, and transparency in government. The Dominican Republic’s embassy in the US is located in Washington while the US has an embassy at San Domingo

Benefits Of US Assistance

The assistance offered by the US to the Dominican Republic helps to build transparent and accountable government institutions to better serve the population and strengthen democracy and governance. The assistance and partnership have also stimulated the growth of income-generating opportunities such as small businesses, promote learning of English language and educational opportunities. The partnership has also led to improved environmental protection, enabled local communities to promote cultural tourism and ecological tourism, and promoted the equitable provision of education and health services. The US exports several products to the Dominican Republic, including agricultural products, petroleum products, machinery, cotton, and fabrics.

Other Foreign Relations

Apart from the US, the Dominican Republic also has close relations with other countries across all the continents. In Africa, it has a close relationship with Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa, with established embassies. The Dominican Republic has diplomatic relations with 25 countries in the Americas, 10 countries in Asia, and 16 in Europe. The country is also party to the Dominican Republic-Central America-US Free Trade Agreement along with five other Central American countries. It also belongs to a number of international organizations as a sovereign including the World Trade Organization, the United Nation, International Monetary Fund, Organization of American States, and the World Bank among other organizations. The Dominican Republic also has an Economic Partnership Agreement with the Caribbean Community and the European Union through the Caribbean Forum.


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