Is China A Country?

Great Hall of the People, the parliament of China, in Beijing.
Great Hall of the People, the parliament of China, in Beijing.

A country is a geographical area that is marked out as a distinct political unit. In most cases, a country has its own government and army. China is an independent country governed by a single political party. It has one of the largest armies in the world and is governed by the strict communist government. It is the world's second largest nation by land area and it occupies a total area of 3.7 million square miles. The vast Asian nation is home to more than 1.4 billion residents, making it the world's most populated country.


China is situated in East Asia. The country is bordered by 14 nations – more than any other country in the world! These countries are Afghanistan, Russia, Mongolia, Myanmar, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. It is ranked as the country with the longest continuous land border in the world. China's borders stretch from a mountainous region in the north to coastal plains in the East and South of the country. The extensive landscape is home to numerous indigenous species of plants and animals. China has over 500 mammal species, more than 400 reptile species, and many more bird species. Additionally, it is home to subtropical forests, coniferous forests, bamboo forests, and a few rainforests in the Islands of Hainan and Yunnan. As a result, China belongs to the 17 nations with mega-diverse species in the world.

History of China

It is believed that the earliest humans lived in China more than a million years ago. However, the only written history dates back four thousand years ago. In the early centuries, China was always a leader in civilization and development. At the time, the nation was ruled by different dynasties. Starting in the 19th century, China encountered severe hardships such as foreign invasion, military defeats, famine and civil unrest. These difficulties led China to fall behind in the world of development. In the 20th century, the civil unrests led to a revolution that gave birth to a new regime. The new communist regime was established in 1949. Under the new leadership, China began to grow economically and developed rapidly. Despite the significant developments in the country, China is still under communist rule, and the system of governance is highly centralized.

People of China

China is known for its massive population. The country is the world leader in population size. The nation has an estimated population of 1.4 billion residents. In an effort to slow the growth of population the country’s government enacted the one-child program for its citizens in 1979. The policy remained in force until 2016 when the two-child policy replaced the old policy. China's population is predominantly made of Han Chinese. Approximately 91% of Chinese citizens belong to the Han ethnic community. Besides the Han Chinese, there are 55 minority ethnic communities in the country. The minority groups are closely related to the Han Chinese community. The country uses Standard Mandarin as its official language, and it is spoken by more than 70% of Chinese citizens.

Chinese Cities

China's best-known city and its capital is Beijing. The city is estimated to be 1000 years old. Shanghai is China’s largest city and home to more than 20 million people. It is among the most prosperous cities in the world. Hong Kong is China’s special administrative area and it is a famous city. Hong Kong has been the most westernized cities in China due to its British rulers of the past. Lastly, Guangzhou is the other large city in China and is the country's manufacturing hub.

China's Influence in the World

China's influence has been felt in different parts of the world and has sharply increased in the recent past. Its massive population and rapidly growing economy have given it power over other world leaders such as Japan, Germany, and France. Currently, China is listed as the second largest economy in the world, and it is expected to be the world's leading economy in the next few decades.


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