How Many People Are in the US?

A crowd of people walk down a New York city street.

The United States of America has a population of about 331,883,986 according to the US census. That accounts for about 4.25% of the total world’s population. The population in the USA is third largest in the world after China with 1,389,618,778 people and India with 1,311,559,204 people.

The population of the United States has been rising slowly, between 0.7 and 1 percent between 2000 and 2019. Ten years ago, in 2010, it was 308,745,538 people, which means it has so far grown by 7.49% in the last decade. 

With a total land area of 9,833,517 square kilometers, the country has a population density of 35.76 people per square kilometer according to the World Bank. Most of the population, or about 82.9 percent, in the United States live in urban centers.

Where does the Majority of the Population Live?

38.3% of Americans live in the South, 23.9% live in the West, 20.8% live in the Midwest, and 17.1% live in the Northeast as per 2019 census data. The most populated state is California, with 39,512,223, followed by Texas with 28,995,881 and Florida with 21,477,737 as per 2020 population data.

 District of Columbia is the most densely populated area with a population of 681,170 and a density of 11,140.2 per square mile, the most densely populated state is New Jersey with a population of 8,944,469 persons and 1,216.0 per square mile and Rhode Island with a population of 1,056,426 and density of 1,021.7 per square mile.

Population According to Age and Origin

The population has a median age of 38.1 years. Females slightly outnumber males, at 50.8 percent, of the population. 22.8 percent were below 18 years and 15.2 percent were aged 65 and above.

Legal immigrants in the United States total to about 46,627,102  and there are approximately 1,000,000 immigrants entering the country each year. Of these, 20.7 million are naturalized U.S. citizens and 22.6 million are non-citizens. Of the non-citizens, those with lawful permanent residence are about 13.1 million; 1.7 million hold temporary visas; and 11.5 million are unauthorized migrants.

If you were looking at the population in terms of increase, one child is born in the country every 9 seconds but there is one death in every 11 seconds. There is one international migrant coming in after every 44 seconds. Therefore, the population gains one person in total after every 24 seconds.


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