Highest Points In Belgium By Elevation

The six-meter-high steps at Signal de Botrange put visitors standing atop them at an elevation of 700 meters.

10. Vaalserberg

Reaching up to a height of 1,060 feet (323 meters) tall, the hill of Vaalserberg is the tenth highest point in Belgium. The hill is located right on the tri-border area between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The part of the hill that is in Belgium is located in the province of Liège. The summit of the Vaalserberg is known as the three-county point, with a small monument marker and the flags of all three country denoting the location. The area is a well known tourist site and there is a tower on the Belgium part of the border that give visitors a grand view of the surrounding area. Since 1966 the hill has often been used as part of the annual Amstel Gold Race cycling race that takes place in the Netherlands.

9. Croix Scaille

Standing at a height of 1,657 feet (505 meters) in elevation, the plateau of Croix Scaille is the ninth highest point in Belgium. The plateau of Croix Scaille is a forested area that is part of the Ardennes and is bordered to the north by the Semois River and to the east by the Meuse River. The plateau is located right on the border that Belgium shares with France, with the Belgium part being in the province of Namur. During World War Two, Croix Scaille was a stronghold for the Maquis French Resistance fighters, since the wooded areas provided a great hideout and set up for guerrilla attacks. The sites only other claim to fame came in 2001 when a unique tower named the Tour du Millénaire was built to give tourists a vantage point of the region. The tower has three platforms set up at different heights of 15, 30, and 45 meters (49,98, and 147 feet) tall. Unfortunately, since the tower was made of wood it had to be completely torn down in 2008 due to wood-rot, but it was fully rebuilt in 2012 out of metal.

8. Cote de Stockeu

Reaching up to a height of 1,660 feet (505 meters), Cote de Stockeu is the eighth highest point in Belgium. The hill is located just outside the town of Stavelot in the province of Liège. The area was the location of major fighting during the Battle of the Bulge in World War Two and their are war memorials scattered throughout the area. The hill has played a role in the annual Liège–Bastogne–Liège cycling race and in the Tour de France.

7. Plateau de Recogne-Bastogne

Standing at a height of 1, 867 feet (569 meters), the Plateau de Recogne-Bastogne is the seventh highest point in Belgium. Located in the province of Luxembourg, Recogne is actually a hamlet of that town of Bastogne. One notable location in the area are the chapel of Saint-Donat, which was built in 1872. The town has a history as the focal point of one of the deadliest Allied offensives during the Battle of the Bulge in World War Two. To reflect this there is a German cemetery just outside of Recogne that was established in 1960 and a monument to Native American soldiers that died in the battle was built in 1994.

6. Massif de Saint-Hubert

Reaching up to a height of 1,932 feet (588 meters) tall, the Massif de Saint-Hubert is the sixth highest point in Belgium. The Massif de Saint-Hubert is located in the Forest of Saint-Hubert just outside of the town of Saint-Hubert in the Wallon Region of the Province of Luxembourg. The Massif de Saint-Hubert is a location for visitors to get a scenic view when walking through the forest.

5. Baraque de Fraiture

Standing at a height of 2,139 feet (651 meters) tall, the summit of Baraque de Fraiture is the fifth highest point, and the third highest summit, in Belgium. The Baraque de Fraiture is in the Belgian province of Luxembourg located on a ridge that separates the basin of the Ourthe River from the Amblève River. The Baraque de Fraiture has a ski area that is made up of three different marked ski paths that are usually opened for skiing less then 20 days a year, but in recent years have been open for up to 60 days.

4. Baraque Michel

Baraque Michel is an old inn that is the fourth highest point in Belgium, located at a elevation of 2,211 feet (673 meters). The settlement is located in the Belgian municipality of Jalhay, in the High Fens nature reserve. The inn was the highest point in the country until the annexation of the Eastern Cantons in 1919 by Belgium. The Baraque Michel was established in 1812 by Michel Schmitz to shelter travelers, especially at night or when it was foggy out and to be used as a relay for mail coaches connecting towns.

3. Mont-Rigi

Mont-Rigi is a settlement that is the third highest point in Belgium, located at a elevation of 2,234 feet (680 meters). The town is located in the Belgian municipality of Waimes in the High Fens nature reserve. The small town is located on the road that connects the Belgian towns of Eupen and Malmedy and features a inn and a coffee shop. The town also as a timber antenna with a automatic measurement station in the area to collect data for the scientific station of the Hautes Fagnes (High Ferns) and the Department of Nature and Forests under the Walloon Public Service. That area attracts tourists as a staring point for walks through the High Fens nature reserve and in the winter turns into a popular skiing resort.

2. Weisser Stein

Reaching up to a height of 2,274 feet (693 meters) tall, Weisser Stein is the third highest point, and the second highest summit, in Belgium. Weisser Stein is located in the forest just outside the town of Mürringen in the mostly German speaking municipality of Büllingen, which is part of the Belgium province of Liège. The Weisser Stein is part of the Eifel mountain range. Until 1920, the area that Weisser Stein was located in was part of Germany, which is why it has a German name.

1. Signal de Botrange

Standing at a height of 2,277 feet (694 meters) tall, Signal de Botrange is the highest point, and also the highest summit, in the nation of Belgium. The Signal de Botrange is located at the top of a broad plateau of land. The site has some visitors since a road crosses the summit and their is a cafe across from the road by the top. There are two different tower at the summit, one built in 1923 to let visitors reach 700 meters (2,296 feet) and another tower that was built in 1934 that lets visitors reach 781 meters (2,355 feet). There was also a meteorological station set up at the site for a few decades but in 1999 it was removed. During winter in Belgium that Signal de Botrange is used as the starting point for a couple of different cross-country skiing routes. The plateau has more volatile temperatures, winds, and rainfall when compared to most of the rest of Belgium.

Highest Points In Belgium By Elevation

Rank Highest Points in Belgium Elevation
1 Signal de Botrange 2,277 feet
2 Weisser Stein 2,274 feet
3 Mont-Rigi 2,234 feet
4 Baraque Michel 2,211 feet
5 Baraque de Fraiture2,139 feet
6 Massif de Saint-Hubert1,932 feet
7 Plateau de Recogne-Bastogne 1,867 feet
8 Cote de Stockeu 1,660 feet
9 Croix Scaille 1,657 feet
10 Vaalserberg 1,060 feet

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